Promotional Products And Business Branding

BrandingIn order to create durable, distinctive and creative points of view in the mind of consumers, companies need to take part in what is known as corporate branding. In doing so, businesses can develop a persistent, positive identity that consumers will find easy to recognize. Effectively branding a company can be somewhat complex, and it takes much effort; however, the benefits of doing so pay off enormously. So it is something worth investing.

Ways to Help Your Brand

One of the most effectual ways to develop a commendable brand is to hand out promotional items. These types of items are ones that have been customized with a company’s contact information. By handing out such items, businesses are able to make themselves memorable and favourable in the eyes of consumers. Customers enjoy it when they have material items in their possession that help them remember the businesses that they do business with. Some common promotional materials to hand out are tote bags, key rings, pens, magnets, coasters, and stationary items.

Tips to Help You

It is often wise to partner with a professional who has experience in the development and distribution of promotional products; this type of consultant will often have expertise knowledge relating to the marketing industry. Businesses can use such knowledge to their benefits, especially when it comes to creating company logos, taglines, and more. The logos and taglines that companies end up deciding to use should always be displayed on the promotional gifts that they give away to consumers.

Handing out promotional items also provides businesses with opportunities to create positive experiences with consumers. The more positive experiences that consumers have, the more apt they are to purchase products and services from the businesses that created such experiences for them. These consumers are also more apt to recommend their preferred brands to other consumers.

What else is there?

Promotional items are also extremely effective at creating familiarity within the minds of consumers. Some psychologists suggest that familiarity leads to liking. Due to this, both customers and non-customers of businesses will recommend a brand simply because they are familiar with its logo and tagline. The best way to increase familiarity is to give away promotional items.

The giving away of promotional items has also proven to be a very cost-efficient way to boost customer counts and profit margins. From simple, affordable items such as customized pens to more expensive items like license plates, promotional items can help all types of businesses effectively market their brands.

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  1. Jimmy Arcade says

    I agree that some promotional marketing can be effective, but the types of promotional marketing that are becoming more effective are the type that revolve around social media. It’s important to have both tangible and intangible promotions.

  2. lisa m says

    Having the promo item as something new, useful, funny are memorable too. Not low quality (even though price is important) – dont giveaway “junk”

  3. Latoya Smith says

    A year ago I used PCA Delta in Pompano Beach FL to print some promotional tote bags, which they did a great job with. Now I use them for all my promotional items since they have lots to choose from with good prices and quality. If you need promotional items, check them out at

  4. Josiah says

    Great post! You are correct in many of your comments, and the great thing is all those things you claim about promo items working are backed up by facts! Cost-per-impression is VERY low, depending on the item you use and can be MUCH cheaper than traditional advertising when you take into account that the promotional item will be around for potentially YEARS getting repeat impressions. That’s why you’ve got to pick a quality item!

  5. Steven says

    We have enjoyed consistent success dealing with Rich Wilens at DoWilco just outside if Chicago, IL. He constantly brings us a mix of tried and true products along with the newest ideas. We were never used to putting a ton of thought into our giveaways but Rich has a nice way about him and he seems to always find the right promo for each situation.

  6. Patrick says

    Great post! Promo items are excellent for creating brand awareness. Plus you’ve got thousand of different items to choose from.

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