What Kind Of A Business Are You Building?

What kind of business are you building? While carrying my grocery yesterday I had a thought flash in mind.  How would I like Lil Helper Cloth Diapers to be known?

Lil Helper can certainly not be a company that manufactures the best cloth diaper.  Like pizza or clothes, cloth diapers are highly subjective and each and every person will have a different “best diaper”.

Do we want to be the largest cloth diaper company?  Large companies are sluggish and slow to react – and although I feel we have a lot of room to grow, I’d rather keep it a small, agile organization.

Then it hit me – I want Lil Helper to be known as the nicest company to deal with.  We have been going along that path for a long time anyways.  Just that we had not translated our actions into a plan.

All customer requests are tended to not as a task list but as an honor.  Think about it, you’d only ask a favor from somebody you are close to.  Most of our customers feel that they have some kind of connection to us through our website or dealings through e-mail or phone.

When we deal with a disgruntled customer who has had some difficulty in using our product or otherwise, we put ourselves in their position.  We explain to them the same things that they could have found on our website or through a quick Google search.  We do it so that they know that we care about them and even if we have to spend a few minutes talking to them they are not interfering with our work day – they are the reason we are at work.  Also, this is something I would like from a company.

Also, we realized that people only talk about their best 1% experience and the worst 1% experience.  Everything else that most people experience in dealing with businesses gets lost in between.  Nothing remarkable happens 98% of the time.  Like checking out from a grocery shop, the cashier who gurgles out a mechanical greeting and avoids eye contact.  Being mediocre is easy and lazy.  We would rather be AMAZING to 1 person than be UNREMARKABLE to a million people.  We are striving to make Lil Helper Cloth Diapers a company that stays in the top stratosphere of 1%.

So tell me what kind of a business are you trying to build?  What are the difficulties you are facing in building your ideal business?


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