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How to Support Small Businesses

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I know many of you shop small and good for you and this is how to support small businesses.

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But there is more things you can do to support small businesses, some without even spending a dime!

Shop Small

Many small businesses have comparable prices, better quality and superior customer service to a big box store.

Wouldn’t you rather help a mom buy groceries, than fill the already full pockets of a CEO? Of course you would.

So shop around, visit ETSY, browse Facebook and find the gems of small businesses.

Your cost: varies.

Comment, Post, Like and Share

Being active on Facebook doesn’t have to be time consuming or challenging.

‘Like’ a few of the pages that appeal to you. When you see a post from them, try to ‘like’ the post or better yet ‘comment’ or ‘share’.

This will help the small business get exposure as it may appear in your friend’s newsfeeds as well.

Your cost: ZERO

Support Bloggers, Simply by Reading

Bloggers generate income by advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. In order to get these opportunities they need good ‘stats’.

Stats are based on how many people visit their blog, how many pages they visit and if a post is ‘shared’, ‘liked’ or commented on.

Entering giveaways also helps their appearance and can generate more sponsors for them.

You might also win something!  So simply, browse blogs that relate to you.

Read a few articles, click some links and share with your friends.

This doesn’t take long, and is easy.

It can make a big difference to a blogging mother who is trying to earn a little extra money.

Your cost: ZERO.


Give Feedback

This too can be free. If you see a product that you would find useful, or think is a great idea, tell the business.

If you have bought something, offer a review.

For cloth diapers and accessories, post a review on or

Many stores will have review capabilities within their site.

If these are not options, post on their Facebook wall.

It can be as easy as: “I got this product from you and I love it!”.

You could also give more details about the great things about it.

This helps encourage buying from people who are on the fence.

Your cost: Free or the cost of a product.

Find the Small Businesses

Check out our directory to see some businesses.

If you see one you have purchased from, write a review.

If you don’t see one of your favorites on our directory, tell them about us.

This will help others find them as well as improve online searches. 

Looking for a place to start?

Here are a few small businesses and bloggers that I support.

Please visit them and browse.

It is a great place to start!

Comment below telling me who you checked out!


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