Please do not call!

Being a Mom is Complicated

Being a Work-At-Home-Mom is even more so. So here is my one request of you. Please do not call!

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to stay in touch with my friends and family. I also run a business where interacting with other businesses daily is essential. Balancing my cordless phone while nursing a baby and researching the answer to a business question is almost impossible. How many times have you dropped your dinner, left your screaming toddler or almost killed yourself running to answer a phone call that you are expecting to be important, just to have it be a telemarketer?  Or worse yet, gotten your baby settled in for a (hopefully long) nap, just to have forgotten the phone in the nursery, right when it rings! Naptime (aka ‘worktime’) is over!

Email is amazing! Not only can I respond when I get a moment to myself, but I can also choose NOT to reply to the cold caller that wants to sell me new SEO optomization. For business emails, companies will never know that I am listening to a 2 year old temper tantruming, or sitting in my PJs eating peanut butter cups for dinner.

Who’s with me? Maybe I will get rid of my phone plan all together! I would love to hear from you, just please email.

What are your thoughts. Are you a phone only kinda person? Do you prefer texts? Or are you like me, email all the way?


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  2. Jennifer Webster

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