How to Run a Sale in Your eBay Store

How to Run a Sale in Your eBay Store

Running a sale on your eBay store is a great tool for increasing your sales.

eBay makes it simple to set up a sale on multiple items at the same time for whatever discount price or percentage you prefer.

Once you have logged onto your eBay account pull down the My eBay drop menu and choose Selling.

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Next, you want to pull down the Account drop menu and choose Manage My Store.

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This will bring you to a summary of your store and you want to click on the link for Markdown Manager.

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Once in the Markdown Manager you will see a list of current and past sales you have ran (if applicable) and an option to Create Sale.

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Once you click on Create Sale you will see several options to choose from to set up your sale. First, you will choose a title, which is just something that only you will see so do not worry about making this appealing to anyone else. Next, you will set your starting and ending dates and times. This can always be edited in the future. You can also choose whether to set your sale as a dollar amount or percentage off of the price. My preference is to use percentages off (mostly because I have prices across the board) and I usually run sales between 10-30% off.

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To finish off you will want to select which items you want to include in your sale. You can choose items individually (which can be timely), all auction listings or all fixed price listings.  I usually choose all fixed price listings since my auctions usually start at my bare minimum price and I do not want to lose money on them. However, with the fixed price listings I leave myself wiggle room so a sale would not put me out. There is also an option to share with specific newsletter subscribers (which is something I have not delved into yet). Finally, you will click on Create Your Sale and sit back and watch the sales roll in (hopefully).

ebay store sale 6

There will be a brief pending period as the sale sets up and eBay will send you an email when the sale is running.  You should be able to view one of your listings on sale and see the sale price, discount and when the sale ends.

ebay store sale 7

In my opinion, the reduced sale price is not the only benefit to running the sale. The fact that you can see that the item is discounted and that it is only for a limited time usually also motivates a buyer to make that purchase. I’m a big fan of running sales in my eBay store and almost always have at least one sale ongoing.

Have you run sales before on your eBay store or any other store you have?

Do you find that your sales improve when running discounted prices?

Are there any questions you have about running sales in your eBay store?

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