How to Write a Sponsored Tweet

How To Write a Sponsored Tweet

There are several popular sites that will pay you to post tweets, including Izea, Clever Girls and PaidPerTweet.

Income varies and depends on the advertiser’s budget and sometimes on your following numbers. A paid tweet can earn you anywhere from $5 to $30.

While your sponsor will provide guidelines, links and hashtags for each project, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

Add the Necessary Disclosures

The hashtags #ad (for advertisement) and #sponsored (for sponsored content) are widely recognized and should be added to your compensated tweets, ideally at the beginning or middle.

Make sure you use the sponsors requested hashtags.

Make it a Good One

Don’t copy and paste a generic message just so you can get paid and move on.

Compose a tweet that encourages interaction and re-tweets.

It will improve your image and please the sponsor.

Almost every paid venue allows the blogger some wiggle room when it comes to wording the tweet.

Ask a question, make it funny or style it as a teaser to encourage clicks.

An effective tweet leads to more orders.

Consider your Audience

While you might view a simple tweet as something very different from a blog post, remember that everything you post online as a blogger reflects back on you.

People who are used to seeing my family and parenting tweets might be very put off if I started tweeting off-topic just to make a few bucks.

Consider the Terms

I prefer to be paid for a tweet vs. being “paid per click” on a link in my tweet.

When you are paid per tweet payment is guaranteed.

Don’t Overdo It

You probably don’t want to bombard readers with paid content on your blog, so don’t do it on Twitter either. Go for two or three “non-sponsored” tweets for every paid one.

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