How To Write an About Me Page for a Blog

How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog


We are more than halfway through another year, how is your blog looking?

Are you keeping everything looking fresh and updated? Here is one you may not think to do often enough:  freshen up your about me page.

Here is how to write an about me page for a blog.

It is one of the first pages I click to when I found a new blog.

You want to know more about the blogger and the blog.

I have read some amazing ones, and some that I know where outdated – by years.

Things to update on your about me page: images, birthdays or age, what you currently write about, and the services or products you offer.


How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog


Your Audience Comes First

Then tell them exactly who wants to read your blog, who are you writing for, who your ideal client might be.

Let them know what products and/or services you have to offer them, if any.


Why You’re Unique

Show your personality. Tell your [new] readers who you are and what you are about.

Let them know, briefly, how you got to be where you are, why you are sharing what you share, or why you offer the products orservices that you do.


Give Them Some Direction

Tell them where they should head next.

Most popular posts with your readers, your favorite posts, etc.

You want them to fall in love with your content while they are here instead of hoping that they’ll come back.

Add images in where appropriate.

Let them see you.

I recommend writing your about me page in this order.

You are writing for your readers are your focus.

You can check out my about page for an example, and another great example of about pages is the TOTS about page.

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