5 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog

It’s a new season and we find Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog to be trending.

5 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog

There is a lot happening in the blog world with Spring and Summer crafts showing up everywhere, and holiday gift guides, this means a lot of new readers could be headed your way.

And we always want to look our best for our readers.

So these suggestions are Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog and does not require you to hire help.


Remove old or under performing widgets

You should be cleaning up and out your sidebar every few months.

Which are the best preforming and most important.

You can remove widgets without deleting them – in case you change your mind and want to activate them again.

It is as simple as drag-and-drop to move them.

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Update your about page

Have you recently accomplished something great that should be on your about page?

Add some fresh links from new posts.

Talk about what is new in your Blogging life.


Add a new profile picture

How old is your head shot?

Was it taken last winter?

Time to update . . . or add a younger looking “you” LOL.

It doesn’t have to be professional, just make sure the lighting is good and we can see your face.

This is one of the super Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog.

A fresh look

A new header can really make a difference, with both current readers and new.

Or perhaps instead of a big change just make a font change.

Check out our Pinterest Board Free Fonts here.

Google fonts makes changing fonts easy for WordPress users.


Make sure you don’t have broken links anywhere on your site.

We use a free plugin called “Broken Link Checker” by Janis Elsts, Vladimir Prelovac.

When you find a broken link first verify that it is broken and then investigate replacing the link.

Sometimes on older posts some urls have changed or expired so you will need to “unlink” or find a new source.

To improve your SEO in Google’s eyes it is always good to link to at least 3 internal posts and 1 offsite source within each post.

For example, if you have a great chili recipe that would go great with your brown bread recipe add a link to one to get the other more visibility.


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