The Draw Backs of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and its alternatives

The VPN as we all know stands for virtual private network.

It is primarily used to get an anonymous internet provider address known as IP address.

If you want to be untraceable on the internet then the VPN is a good tool for you.

However just like all the other tools in the world the VPN has its own weaknesses, the most common weakness is its reduced speed.

The issue at hand is that when you use a VPN to get and anonymous IP address the internet speed is reduced to less than the half, meaning that you can’t get full benefit of your bandwidth.

But there are many other alternatives to VPN for example the Triofox parent company or the VPN-less access to file servers etc.

The Draw Backs of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and its alternatives

Why people need to use a VPN in first place:

When we hear the word VPN the first thing that came to our mind is that why would someone need a VPN?

The answer is very simple, if you are for example using your device on an unsecured WIFI then there is a big chance that your data might be hijacked.

Meaning that all your activity or tasks that you did on the WIFI are at the mercy of the very person who installed that unsecured WIFI that you were using so casually.

The other benefits of VPN are that it protects your browsing data, meaning that when you are browsing while using a VPN then your data will not be saved by the server.

The virtual private network also protects you from prying eyes of hackers.

The virtual private network protects your IP address as well as your location.

When you are working using VPN the location and a bogus IP address will be used meaning that the other won’t be able to know where you are.

The major issues of the VPN network are:

  • Non-responding VPN server.
  • Your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking the access to VPN.
  • When old VPN packages interfere with the new ones.
  • The set firewall is interrupting your connection.
  • The speed is reduced to half

So, as you can see that even though the VPN provides you with the access to the restricted site and an anonymous IP address meaning that all the work you do on web will not be traced but still all those issues make it handful to use.

If you are thinking that I work remotely as a freelancer or if a person working from home can even quit using VPN then the answer is yes you can or he can. As there a number of other alternatives that work even better than the VPN.

The most common alternatives for the virtual private network are given below

The Draw Backs of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and its alternatives

OpenWRT Method

OpenWRT method even though is not traditionally used is still a good alternative for the traditional VPN network method.

It offers a very generous solution to many network related problems like the scaling as well as the isolation of peers to routine an entire connection to the specific nodes etc.

It also gives its user the ability to manage their network along with a heap of additional networks plugins like the AdBlock, OpenVPN, and even the TOR integration.

It gives the router of yours the ability to turn itself into a VPN client for any device it is connected with.

It comes with several benefits like the allowing network admin the control over the router itself as well as the isolation of peers and Tor integration.

But the major drawback is that the hardware that is compatible with this system is quite rare as well as expensive.

Its installation is quite complex even for a network veteran and if an inexperienced person experiment with it, it can cause a lot of issue for them as it can brick the data.

VPN and the Isolation method = Silo method

The biggest downside or we can say the drawback of a Virtual Private Network is that it gives the users web code to the browser means that your web code is still unprotected in the end even after using a virtual private network.

The silo method on the other hand allows the user to use the same attributes like the virtual protected network but keeping its speed allowing it to use the full advantage of their speed.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it doesn’t affect the speed and also keep up the user’s privacy as it just simply doesn’t give your data to your browser.

It is cheaper than the tool or method mentioned and is way easier to use then the others. It is not very complex like the others.

It also allows the local remote access and connecting the file servers and remote access without the need of using a Virtual Private Network to hide and protect your privacy.

It also allows you to share your data from your android mobile to your WEB browser on your Personal Computer.

Allowing Disaster management system for your data

The disaster management system allows you to secure your data from any sort of the mishaps and accidents.

It saves all your data on a cloud database for you and saves you from any sort of problems.

It has a audit tracing system and is updated frequently allowing updates to come early and advanced malware protection that protect and enhance your network and personal computer.

It also sets up a integrated hybrid natured deployment in between the local file servers and cloud storage that can be seamlessly converted to cloud only. Meaning that your data on local host server can be easily sent or converted to cloud base easily.

Mobile sharing capabilities, remote access to web as well as file sharing while keeping your old internet protocols makes it an ideal tool to use and a really good alternative to the VPNs., pub-8596903668708912, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0