Running a WAHM Business Can Be Lonely

When you think about starting your own business you inevitably go through all the pros and cons in your head. Running a WAHM Business Can Be Lonely.

Pros Cons
You get to set your own hours. You will be working during ‘personal’ time.
You get to make all of the rules. Making mistakes along the way will cost you time/money.
Get to stay home with the kids. You get to stay at home with the kids when they are sick/tired/cranky.
You get to make some extra money. It make take awhile to get your return on investment.
Doing what you love. Very risky, most small businesses fail.

When I started my business I was sure I thought through all of the pros/cons of opening a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) company. I did not consider one thing.

Running a WAHM business can be lonely

Don’t get me wrong I *heart* running my own business but it can be lonesome sitting hours upon hours on the computer by myself.  I have the baby with me all day and my partner  is home at night, I am never physically alone. However,  it is my business and I am the one running it.

I am the one responding to customers and fulfilling orders.

I am the one developing the website and frantically trying to fix the mistakes I make.

I am the one updating all of the social media channels throughout the day and writing blog posts.

I would not change running my own business for anything in the world, but man can it get lonely sometimes.


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