Why You Should Use Google +

Why You Should Use Google +

Social media is probably a tool you utilize on a regular basis, right? Well, there is one tool in the social media department that you may be skipping over. Google+ (Google Plus) may be a social media tool you are not utilizing, but these tips will show you why you should start.

Increase Your Search Rankings

If you did not know that G+ could increase your search engine ranking, then perhaps you should do a double take. Here are three ways (from Social Media Examinar) that goes into detail about how G+ can increase those rankings. To sum up what they have to say:

-Optimize your G+ plus page for optimal ranking

-Customize your G+ URL

-Utilize the SEO on your G+ page

Another Positive Social Media Outlet

There are quite a few people out there using G+ as another outlet to post. It only makes sense to post on a social media platform ran by the biggest search engine in the world. Making regular posts, interacting, joining groups, and +1 other brands’ post will really start building your audience. For under 5 minutes a day, you can make a bigger impact on your brand without even trying.

Visually Appealing

The way Google+ is set up is so clean and refreshing. There isn’t a lot of ads popping up and crazy stuff going on. It’s a clean interface that your brand will actually find very appealing. It’s easy to post, add new managers, and even utilize your ability to post visually appealing graphics and content. The more visually appealing then the more likely your content is to be shared and noticed.

Although G+ isn’t knocking Facebook off its high horse, it’s really getting up there. Also, getting started with G+ is super easy and doesn’t require much work. Don’t forget you can also add a “cover” and “profile” picture to your business or personal page. There will be no mistaking who you are as a brand.

Do you have any tricks for Google + to share with TOTS readers?

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