How to Write Compelling Product Titles and Descriptions


Outside of the photos you take of your products, the next most important aspect of displaying your products effectively in your Etsy store (or your website, or any e-commerce site) is to craft compelling product descriptions.

Without the right product description your target audience might not even find your store, much less your product.


how to write product titles and descriptions


As you Write Compelling Product Titles and Descriptions, seek to answer the following questions:

Why is your item the one to buy?

What makes is super awesome and why would the target audience want to/need to purchase it?


What makes your item special?

Write down something really special about your product.

Perhaps you were inspired by your aunt’s old-time watch to paint a rendition of a clock that takes your breath away.


What is your item’s biggest selling point?

If you can’t name the one big thing that makes your item worth every penny you’re asking, you may need to try creating different products.

It should be obvious what makes this item the most salable.


Why are you proud of this item?

Post items you’re super proud of and tell your customer why you are.

For example,  adding a personal nugget like “I wasn’t quite sure how to get the brush strokes just right, so I practiced for six weeks before I got it just right” makes your product sound all the more special.

And it shows how much your product is a indeed a labor of love!


top benefits of product for the customer


What are the top three to five benefits of this product for your customer?

Even when it comes to crafts, art, vintage and collectibles, it’s all about the customer.

Not you. Seek to explain the benefits from their perspective.


What are the descriptors that are necessary to address for this item?

Is it 12′ x 16′, the same size as a beach towel?

What size is it; indicate the color is it; can describe about the product?

Remember, when shopping online, we can’t touch, smell or feel the products, so a description that speaks to the senses helps us to visualize the product in our hands.


What will shock and awe your audience about this product?

Is there a little unknown fact about the topic, subject, or inspiration behind making this item?

Tell us.


How is this item good for ______?

Fill in the blank.

It could be a holiday such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so forth.

Giving your customers gift ideas is a great way to increase sales.

It helps to demonstrate the value of the purchase, and can help simplify the decision-making process.


As you craft your titles and descriptions, simply answer the questions without thought to anything but the answer.

Then, refine the answers using important keywords that your target audience would use when searching the internet (or Etsy) for items that interest them.

Do not use false keywords; use keywords that truly describe your product.

In this way, you can gauge the effectiveness of your product titles and descriptions, and learn which should be tweaked to get your better visibility.

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