Working and Blogging and Loving Life


So as I am working and blogging and loving life there are a few things I do to help improve my Quality of Life:

I previously wrote a post on Working Full Time and Blogging.

In that post I shared what my daily schedule looks like.

Since writing the post I have changed to a job location closer to home so I am not driving quite as much but the general schedule still looks the same.

I am not going to sugar coat things – working full time and blogging (particularly at this scale) can be very challenging.

I have been tweaking my lifestyle over the past few years and am happier than ever.


Social Interaction

I do not get out much but I do connect with friends daily.

Most of my friends are ‘in the computer’ and I only know virtually through niche blogging groups but that does not make them any less special to me.

Having connections with other people like me makes working so hard not so bad.

I also have a weekly movie date with my husband. We do not need to go out of the house.

Instead we will watch a movie on Netflix once our daughter goes to bed.

On movie nights there is a strict no technology (phones, laptops and tablets) rule in effect.

These little dates allow us to just enjoy each others company without being distracted by everything else that goes on.


Working and Blogging and Loving Life - Working full time and blogging, particularly at this scale, can be very challenging.

Physical Environment

I make all my work spaces as comfortable as possible.

At my out-of-the-home job I have pictures my daughter created for me on the wall.

I have yet to get my office in order at the new house but have purchased some art and will soon make that a comfortable and productive work area as well.


Personal Growth

Learning more about how to better myself with blogging is something that greatly improves my quality of life.

I love to learn and learning makes me happy.

I attend conferences when I can but mainly listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are free (yay!) and have shows on any topic you can imagine.

These tips may not seem all that important.

In fact, my lifestyle over the past few years and am happier than ever


Working and Blogging and Loving Life

Improving your Quality of Life does not need to me a super involved and difficult practice. Start with making sure you are doing something you love at least once a day.

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