How to Make Sure You Buy and Install the Best Sliding Windows

Do your current windows bring you nothing but a headache, learn How to Make Sure You Buy and Install the Best Sliding Windows.

They do not operate correctly, are drafty and make your energy bills skyrocket?

Oh well, this is very familiar to me since I have recently had the same issues with my 20 years old windows.

And after thorough consideration, I have decided to replace my worn-out units with the new Ecoline sliding windows.

But that was not challenge-free since there were too many unfamiliar things for me to consider. 

That is why I am here for you today to tell my story and share some details that will help you if you want to get new windows and eliminate the common pitfalls here.

How to Make Sure You Buy and Install the Best Sliding Windows

Why sliding windows?

There are many window styles and designs for you to choose from, but I strongly recommend you pick the sliders if your home design and rough opening allow this. Sliding (or gliding) windows are super easy to operate; they run along the tracks horizontally and do not require any considerable effort to be open and close. Other benefits include:

  • Sleek but modern design. Gliders look terrific! I just love how they match pretty any interior/exterior and come with make colours, sizes and glass options.
  • Unobstructed view. A huge glass area allows for a great view, if you have such, outside. No bars or check rails to interfere.
  • Energy efficiency. Yes, sliders are not the best from this point of view, unlike, for example, casement windows. But still, if you get Energy Star-rated units, you are sure to get the units that will save you much money when it comes to energy bills.

The main aspects to consider when buying new sliders

If you’ve decided to go with sliding widows as your new units, you have to consider some vital things before proceeding with the installation:

Window frame

In case you do not want to spend hours on maintenance, picking the right window frame is your step #1. 

I recommend vinyl frames since they always come as a middle ground: affordable, almost maintenance-free and highly energy-efficient.

You can also consider fiberglass, aluminum and wood frames, and they all come with their pros and cons.

  • Go with wood if you want a traditional touch to add some class but be ready to spend a lot since these frames are the most expensive ones;
  • Fiberglass and aluminum are popular for durability, but they again might cost you some extra and do not provide the optimal thermal performance.


Like all other windows, Sliders come with several glazing options, among which the most popular ones are double and triple-glazed units.

Since sliding windows are not the top 1 units when it comes to energy efficiency, you may want to consider triple glazing, but be ready to spend some extra. 

Certifications and Tests

If you want your brand new sliders to be energy efficient and comply with the industry standards, make sure you see the Energy-Star label on the window.

Moreover, ask your local supplier if the units were NAFS-11 tested and certified. Believe me.

It is better to pay some extra for quality and tested products than to have constant issues with your units in half a year.

Correct installation

Getting your new units installed correctly is not less important than buying quality products.

DIY is not an option here since correct window installation requires skills, tools and years of expertise.

Be sure to hire professional guys who will ensure your sliders are installed according to the local building code, meet all the requirements and will serve you for many years to come.

Moreover, pay attention to the warranty offered. It should cover all the main issues with windows, painting, hardware, etc.


New sliding windows are a perfect option for any homeowner who wants to get the best products at a fair price.

Just make sure you keep in mind all the points discussed above to make sure you choose and install the quality units that will bring you peace of mind for the next 30 years.

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