5 Ways Google Forms Can Help Your Blog

5 ways Google Forms can Help your Blog

Google Forms are a simple and efficient way to keep track of information, manage promotions and even boost income.

Google offers so much more than just a Search Engine.

If you already have a Google account, then go to the Google Drive hub.

This is where you can view and access all your documents.

Click the red “New” button and choose Other -> Forms.

Set up your new form by inputting the questions you want people to answer.

You can even customize colors and fonts, plus add your own images.

Take advantage of the top area of your form to include a useful description of the form.


Here are 5 Ways Google Forms Can Help Your Blog:

Sponsored Reviews/Giveaways

Clients who want to have their product reviewed on my blog fill out a Google Form that I’ve created.

It’s an easy process for them, and gives me access to all the information I need to craft the post and set up the giveaway in future.

It saves a lot of emails and prevents miscommunication.

I like that you can require certain questions to be answered that serve as an agreement between you and a client.

For example, you can require that they check a box which says “I agree to deliver the promised prize within 2 weeks after the winner’s information is received,” or “I understand that payment for sponsored posts is due within 48 hours of publication or post is subject to immediate removal.”


Sponsored Posts

I also have a Google Form for clients who would like a sponsored post on my blog.

They use the form to answer questions about social media links, product information, and image permissions.


Giveaway Events

If you are coordinating a giveaway hop or other promotional event involving many bloggers, use a Google Form to collect sign-ups and get all the information you need about participants.

You can also use Forms to gauge interest in upcoming projects.


Waiting Lists

Google Forms are useful for creating a waiting list if you sell products.

Generally, you would collect names and email addresses so you can send out an alert when the item becomes available for purchase.



Google Forms are great for surveys, too.

I have a monthly giveaway on my blog for expectant mothers, and besides sharing their name and email, my readers answers general questions and give feedback about my blog which is extremely useful to me.

It’s a win-win!

What do you use Google Forms for?

Did you discover the Ways Google Forms Can Help Your Blog?

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