Does Your Business Have the Best Network Hosting to Deliver an Optimized E-commerce Store?

As greater numbers of people are researching via the Internet and shopping online, your business absolutely has to have an online presence. As such, your network speed and hosting are the lifeblood for all online activities.

Considering your online audience is global in reach yet demands intimate, localized usability, it is becoming a necessity to invest in an e-commerce solution that can handle so many challenges in a digital era. It must do so whilst lowering the costs associated with selling products and services online, to maximize ROI (return on investment).

To facilitate executive decision-making, provide staff with the right systems approach and give customers the best online experience, it is important that your e-commerce infrastructure is supported by fast hosting and a reliable network. Here, Magento offers a leading e-commerce solution, one that integrated with a super-fast infrastructure, delivers an optimum online experience in the following ways.

  1. Tailored e-commerce for specific user groups needing different sites. Magento comes in four editions (Community, Enterprise, Enterprise Premium and Magento Go.) Each is recommended for different e-commerce requirements, from the hobbyist and SMB to global merchants. There are many major players using Magento today, these include innovative brands such as Nike, Olympus and Interflora.
  2. Built on simple, clean and eye-catching template designs. Magento enables businesses to customize content and feature configurations without being hampered by external factors and residual costs. This powers any online store with far greater efficiency, reducing time to market and being quick to offer promotions, customer service and order management.
  3. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) e-commerce configuration is imperative to gaining consistent revenue generating traffic to a website. Any online business needs to have high search rankings for its brand, products and services. In this regard, Magento offers in-built SEO integration that can be configured for each unique page of a site. This optimises the store for better rankings, increased traffic and as a result more sales leads.
  4.  Integrated and powerful analytics, payment options and checkout features. Measurability and monitoring usage enables a business to track the behaviour of visitors, assess conversion rates and streamline processes. Further customization through widgets, themes and extensions for social media integration, multimedia and mobile e-commerce, also helps create a robust online store with a rich array of features.
  5. An open source platform. Magento offers the best cost conscious e-commerce solution today. Freely available to download and develop for any customisable business requirement, it comes with no additional fees or hidden charges and the CMS platform itself is extremely intuitive to use. What is equally important from an open source standpoint is that Magento is PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring the safe handling of private and payment data, to industry standards.

An e-commerce platform built on Magento offers the best possible solution for an online shop today. However, it must be hosted on the right hardware configuration and network. This infrastructure is essential to getting the most out of an e-commerce environment with fastest possible time to market, responsive support and website performance that never dips nor fails.

A fast and secure network provides the most effective delivery of e-commerce for an increasingly demanding online audience. Your service must be maintained with absolute resilience, collaborate with 3rd party systems and be customisable for a growing band of internal and external requirements. This will set any business apart with flexibility, speed and redundancy to give the greatest possible control whilst turning customer awareness into consistent revenue streams.



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