5 Great Promotional Products Your Company Should Consider Using

Amid all the noise and confusion of our very hectic modern lives, it’s gotten harder and harder for companies to get noticed in the marketplace.  These days, new companies are competing with television, cell phones, and computers of all kinds for the public’s very limited attention span.  Still though, there are ways to make an impression, and one of the best ways is the tried and true idea of handing out promotional samples.

What makes promo pieces such a great device for keeping your company front and center in a potential customer’s mind?  The right promotional piece is something the customer will want to keep around because it’s useful or fun.  In that way, the potential customer will be happy, and they’ll be seeing the company’s printed message every time they use their promo tool.

With that in mind, here’s our pick of five great promotional products that will help your company make an impact:

1. Magnets 

The good old magnet is actually a terrific promotional tool.  Magnets are inexpensive to print, and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Magnets can take on any number of full color images, so there’s really no limit to the designs they can display.  Most importantly, magnets are useful; they’re very handy for sticking on a refrigerator to hold up notes, so they always stay in view.

2. Hats 

Hats are a great promotional tool, especially during the warm weather months when sun protection is important.  Hats or sun visors with a broad brim are great for shading the eyes, and for displaying a company logo, day in and day out.

3. A Sticky Notebook 

These notebooks have a handsome exterior that looks like a real book, but inside there are several choices of sticky note pads attached to the book’s interior.  These books are very handy, and the book cover is the perfect place for printing a good-looking logo or company slogan.

4. Tee Shirts And Hoodies

Tee shirts and hoodies are incredible promotional tools!  Everyone loves these fun casual wear items, and a tee or hoodie with a funny or really bold company logo will be worn constantly.  That’s free advertising you just can’t buy!

5. A Drawstring Bag

Cute little bags in satin or nylon are perfect promo pieces, because they’re attractive and also handy.  They are great for logo printing, and will be carried around constantly with makeup items or jewelry stored inside.  A company that offers cosmetics or beauty items might want to put hand cream or lotion samples inside the bag as well.

Promoting a company is easy as long as you have the right promotional piece prepared.  So get that tee shirt or hoodie printed and start passing out samples today!

Tonya Deprisco has worked as a branding consultant for the past 5 years and specializes in trade shows and coporate events.  For more information on t shirt printing at ooshirts.com.


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