How To Tell If Your Content Has Been Pinned

how to tell if your content has been pinned on pinterestI have written many times about Pinterest before.  On Thinking Outside The Sandbox it is our number one referrer of traffic.

I do not keep my love for Pinterest a secret.  I love pinning.  So do millions of others.

How can I tell if one of the other users pinned my content on Pinterest?

There are 3 different ways.

1)*your url*

Pinterest has this neat feature where it will show you all of the content pinned from a website.  In your browser type in*yoururl*.  Make sure you put your web address in the *your url* spot.  If you wanted to see which content has been pinned from TOTS you would go to

If you are logged into the Pinterest profile you are checking you can also search by date, most repinned, and most clicked.

2) Check your social media plugins

how to tell if your content has been pinned

Depending on the type of website/blog you have and the plugins you use you may be able to see how many times your content has been pinned right on the page.  On our theme this feature is integrated.

3) Web address

I will preface this point by saying it may or may not be true.  I was told if your web address ends in a # it has been pinned.  Such as  I have not been able to verify this point but I think it is neat.

How do you check to see if your content has been pinned?




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