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Working at Home as a Website Usability Tester

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A website usability tester has the task of testing websites and reviewing how they function using a webcam or a microphone. It can be a great job for those working at home. Most website testing jobs only take about 15 minutes to complete and they pay pretty decent.

Enroll– Enroll is a company that lets you do quick testing to make the internet better for everyone. You will do things like helping companies choose the right logo, completing general tasks on a website or clarifing content. The company pays you once a month by PayPal as long as you have $1 in your account to cash out.

Erli Bird– Erli Bird is a company that hires testers. Becoming a priority member means that you will be invited to private beta tests before other members. There are some tests that are done by invitation only, so you will get a unique referral link to send to friends and family which will invite them to complete the tests. Once you register, you will be shown a dashboard that shows all of the open beta tests. When you click on the link, it will show you the details of the job so you can decide if you want to participate or not. You will learn a maximum of $10 per test and tests are available on a first come first serve basis. Erli Bird pays by PayPal as long as you have at least $5 in your account to cash out.

MyCrowd– With MyCrowd, you will do website usability testing, but this site has a twist to it. There is a scavenger hunt theme that is known as “bug hunts.” You are paid when you are the first user to locate a bug and the pay depends on whether you find a small, medium or large bug. For instance, small bugs may only pay $2 whereas big bugs may pay $18 or more. A small bug may be something like a small visual defect while a large bug may include operations that cause your system to freeze. The requirements of what you will need depends on the hunt itself. For most of them, you just need a computer while others may require an Android or iOS device or computer with a certain processing power.

Analysia– When you do usability testing with this site, you are provided with instructions for tasks to do. Everything that you do is recorded from that point on, including audio. It will only take you about 15 minutes to complete a website test and they pay $10 through PayPal for each test you complete. Analysia will email you when they have a test available for you to complete.

StartUpLift– With StartUpLift, you will get paid up to $10 for a good, detailed review, with most paying $5. At the same time, some companies may not provide you with an award at all. Your chances of getting any kind of reward will depend on the number of reviews that are left and how good your reviews are. They are limited because companies only hand out a certain number of rewards. The company pays every Monday via PayPal.

User Testing– With User Testing, you will be using an online screen recorder that is provided by the company. This screen recorder will record everything going on with your computer screen as you navigate through the website. This means that companies will see everything that you are seeing so they can get a better understanding of what areas of their site may need fixing. The company can also hear your comments when navigating their site. User Testing will pay you $10 for each website you test and testing takes about 15-20 minutes per site. The company pays through PayPal about a week after completing your test.

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