Announcement: TOTS’ Rebranding and Expansion.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox (TOTS) started in September 2012. We started TOTS because (as small business owners) we saw a void in the educational opportunities for small businesses. In particular the niche work at home mom segment.

When I was starting my businesses I had to refer to almost 80 different websites in order to get the information I needed to Create A Facebook Fan Page, Set Up a Domain or even How To Track My Blogging Income. Having a baby at home and very limited time I was frustrated that I could not find all the information I needed in one place. From that frustration the beginnings of TOTS was born. I had worked with Cat in the past and asked if she would like to join me in this new adventure (I was super nervous). She agreed and together we have brought TOTS from an idea to a daily blog with 1000s of readers.

Having put many hours into TOTS and getting to know our readers we are very excited to share our new branding with you.

Our readers are mostly female between the ages of 25-34, have children, are college educated and browse this site from home. With our new look we hope to appeal to our demographic and make the TOTS experience more memorable and easier to navigate.

With a new look also comes another super exciting announcement.

We have expanded the TOTS brand. TOTS was originally a resource for small business moms which covered business to family life and all that is in between.  In order to keep TOTS a resource for small business owners and bloggers we are very happy to introduce Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family.


TOTS Family will be a great resource for parents  juggling a modern, busy family. We would love to get YOUR ideas on what you would like to see on TOTS: Family. If you would like to guest post or contribute to either site please email us at [email protected]

Let us know what you think of the new look and blog below. 


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