Disadvantages of Selling Your Products on Ebay

Disadvantages of Selling Your Products on Ebay

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I recently wrote about the advantages of selling your products on Ebay. While there are many great advantages, there are also some disadvantages that everyone should be aware of as as well. These disadvantages have not outweighed the advantages for me personally, but let’s take a look at some so that you can decide for yourself.

Ebay Fees. Ebay is a profitable business and one of those reasons is because it charges ebay sellers various fees for the items they sell. These fees can be confusing at first so here is a breakdown of each one:

Listing Fees: Many times you will be able to list your items for sale without having to pay a fee. There are limits though, and Ebay does charge listing fees once you have reached your limit for free listings during that month or promotional offer period. Such fees can start at $0.10 and higher, depending on the details of your listing. There are so many variations of fees so it is best if you visit Ebays Standard Selling Fee page to look into it.

Final Value Fees: Ebay also takes a cut of your sale profit before they hand it over to you. final value fees range from about 2-9%, depending on the item you are selling. If you choose to have the buyer pay shipping, there will be a final value fee on the shipping cost as well.

Paypal Fees. Transactions on Ebay must go through Paypal (an online payment account that keeps your personal information safe) and there is a fee for accepting payments. Of course, Paypal is conveniently owned by Ebay.

Competition. With thousands upon thousands of other sellers on Ebay, there can be an enormous amount of competition just to get a sale. This is not always the case, but if you are selling an item whose presence is already heavy on Ebay, there is a good chance you may not sell it quickly or for the price you would like to get. Just like in other selling markets, items are being made and sold from overseas locations for a fraction of the cost.   Do you know of any other disadvantages for selling on Ebay? Are you thinking about selling on Ebay but have something that is holding you back?

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