Must-Follow Social Media and Blogging Websites

must follow social media and blogging websites

We at Thinking Outside The Sandbox (TOTS) try very hard to make sure TOTS has all of the information you need for your small business/blog.  However, we are not experts at everything (shhh, don’t tell my husband).

Here are some of the people and websites I love to watch/read to keep myself up to date on all of the changes with social media and other relevant issues.


  • Mari Smith– Mari Smith is a Facebook expert.  I have only used her free content but it is well worth the read.  Do not forget to sign up for her newsletter.  She has webinars on a regular basis and if you cannot make it live you will get an email replay.  She also does Facebook fan page critiques.  I have learned so much just by watching her critique someone else’s page.
  • Offbeat Empire– Ariel Meadow Stalling is the brains behind the Offbeat Empire which consists of a wedding, home and family.  Offbeat Empire focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the Offbeat blogs and other relevant information.  Ariel posts about her years of experience in the blogging and marketing industry.  TOTS’ strict code of conduct has been inspired by Ariel’s writings on why she does not allow certain subjects to be discussed on her sites.
  • Jody Jelas– I watch Jody on YouTube.  I am not sure how I stumbled across her page but I am glad I did.  Her videos on the tips and tricks on vlogging are a must watch.  I particularly like her video on how to make a vlog introduction.
  • Sandi Krakowski – Sandi is another social media genius.  You should check out her free 30-day how to blog newsletter.  Even if you have been blogging for years she has some neat tricks that are very useful.  I also subscribe to her A Real Change TV video.  If you are not religiously inclined I wouldn’t suggest liking her on Facebook.  Many of her status updates are reflective of her religious ideals.
  • SITS Girls– The SITS Girls is a great resources from blogs.  They collect the best posts from around the interwebz as well as writing their own original articles.  You know they are good because our Best FREE Spring and Easter Fonts post was featured on their site ;).  They are also a great resource for photography tips.

After compiling this list I realize I am only following women – girl power!

Some other resources I trust and follow but do not read every day are:


  1. Jimmy Arcade
  2. Patricia Zyska-Pickett
  3. Nena Sinclair
  4. becca
  5. Healy Harpster
  6. Jennifer Williams
  7. Shana Scott
  8. Tamara Wilson
  9. krystal rivera
  10. Cyndie
  11. Maria Iemma
  12. Melinda Dunne
  13. bonnie holt
  14. April
  15. MommyJenna
  16. leah
  17. Stephanie
  18. Joy Williams
  19. Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie}
  20. Katy Rawson
  21. Chubskulit Rose
  22. md kennedy
  23. Renee
  24. amiableamy
  25. Nova S
  26. Erin
  27. Rachel Young
  28. Stefani

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