15 Must See E-Cards for Moms

Rumour has it that some people are sick of E-Cards. I am NOT one of those people. I love them. I can’t come up with witty things myself, but I am happy to share some hilarious e-cards with all of you!

Love this, I was considering getting them, until I read this…


This one I will leave up to their dad….


The week never ends.


This is certainly true here. I once had a social worker (I’m a foster parent) arrive at my door unexpectedly and I somehow got dressed and tidied before he made it up the driveway. Good thing my computer faces the window.


Where is our recognition?


Four boys and we cloth diaper, 12 seconds would be a bit long in this house.


I can give you a list if you like….


I would like to add ‘Showering alone’ to this list.


My kids have done this, but not without severe consequences for this mama.



bf in public

And I thought I was the only one who said this.


Big accomplishments around here if the shower part actually happened.


Gotta love Target


Or pick up the phone….

I quote this one at least daily around here.

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