Domain Authority – How Well Does Your Website Score?

How Well Does Your Website Score?

As a blogger and small business owner I am very aware of my brand and am always trying to gather as many metrics of my websites as possible. We have talked about PageRank in the past and domain authority is similar but different.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is created by Moz.  The domain authority number represents Moz’s best prediction about how well they think your website/blog will rank in search engines.

How is it different than Google PageRank?

Domain Authority is calculated out of a score of 100 (instead of 10) and predicts how well your website will rank on any search engine. Google PageRank only ranks how well you will rank on Google.

Where can I find my Domain Authority?

Click here.

Any extra thoughts?

I am obsessed with gathering metrics to see how well my websites perform. I like having the option to see my domain authority. As a bonus Moz will show you were others are linking in to your website and whether they used a do-follow or no follow link.

You can find out more about domain authority on Moz’s website.

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