Working Mommy Playdates

Working Mommy Playdates

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There’s just something about needing new brakes/radiator on a car, discovering a leaking roof, and scraping money together for a long-planned family reunion vacation (among other things) that screams, “Somebody needs to make some more money in this household!”

Since my husband is under the impression that we make puh-lenty of bank to cover anything, works full-time already and is often out of town, I quickly realized all fingers were pointing at me.


Yeah, me. The one who homeschools 5 – count ’em – FIVE kids and often has random extra children running around her yard in the summertime. What could I do to bring in extra money, and how would I find the time to do it without having to dig into my profit margin to pay a sitter or daycare?

I quickly discovered that I could put my proofreading and writing skills to good use on, a site where you offer miscellaneous services for the price of $5 per “gig” … and you get to keep $4 of every gig. Pretty soon I was proofreading large book projects, and those 4 bucks per so many words were adding up! I also found a site called where you truly get paid to blog. Pay is based on page views, likes and comments, and your cash can add up quickly if you get going on there and post your 10-post-per-day limit.

Sweet! So I had some work coming in. I could knock out a chunk of it while the kids slept in the mornings and some more while they watched their evening movie (my “office” is right next to the TV). What about getting the rest of my work done?

One day a friend of mine shared that she was having a hard time posting her 10 posts per day on Bubblews because she has a 3-year-old, and he is her only child. Being an only child myself, I know this means that the kid needs a lot of attention! I suggested she come over with her son and our kids could play together. She said she would bring her laptop over just in case …

“Just in case” has turned into a regular Working Mommy Playdate for WAHMs. The kids are happy playing together most of the time. When they’re not, my friend and I take turns refereeing arguments, fetching snacks, giving hugs and making sure all is generally well.

lady36446_1280Even if we only get a total of an hour of work accomplished during a 3-hour playdate, that’s more than we would have gotten done without each other. Everyone benefits … the kids get social time and fun while the moms make some money and get girlfriend time. Sometimes we even add a third WAHM to the mix!

Give a Working Mommy Playdate a try. If you don’t know anyone who works from home with kids around like you do, check out a site like I actually just took my own advice and signed up for a Mompreneurs Meetup in my city!

Let me know how it goes for you!


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