Social Media 101: Twitter Part 1 – How to open a Twitter account

Social media is a very important aspect of running a small business in today’s high-tech, super-connected world. As part of my Social Media  101 series I will help you set up and utilize various social media outlets. Social Media 101: Twitter Part 1 – How to open a Twitter account

How to open a Twitter account

In this post we I will show you how to open a Twitter account. Twitter is an online social network which enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. These short texts are known as ‘tweets’.

Why should you have a Twitter account for your business?

Twitter is the networking tool of today

No longer do you need to trudge off to the chamber mixer to meet folks who you might be able to do business with someday. No, today it is easier, faster, and cheaper to find them via Twitter. Using the tool to create and foster relationships is among its best attributes. – Steve Strauss

Before you can be a savvy tweeter you first need to set up a Twitter account. In order to set up a Twitter account you need to have a valid email address. GmailHotmail and Yahoo are just some of the providers of free email accounts.Go to Twitters homepage by clicking here.

Twitter’s homepage looks like this:

Click picture to enlarge

New to Twitter

Fill out your information under ‘New to Twitter’. Make sure you fill out your correct information. Also use your real name you will be able to change your username (the name that shows publicly) in the next step. Click ‘Sign Up for Twitter’.

Choose a username and password

While you can change your Twitter handle at any time (if it is available) I suggest picking a good username to start with. A good username is short and descriptive. Click ‘Create My Account’.

Click the next button to get started.

Now comes the fun part

You get to choose who you want to follow.  I suggest finding Twitter users that have similar interests to your business, companies you have worked with in the past and companies that will help you reach your business goals. Twitter is about building a network for your business. Of course I strongly recommend you follow us by entering our username @totsbusiness or clicking here. Click next.

Customize your Profile

Here is your chance to customize your profile. In the example I added a photo of my dog as a puppy as the profile picture. For your business I strongly suggest you add you logo to continue with brand recognition. You also have the space to add a short bio. As you are limited in space (you only have 160 characters) make sure you are concise and get right to the point. Avoid text speak for a business Twitter account.

Congrats you have just opened a Twitter account!

In Social Media 101: Twitter Part 2 I will explain how to compose a tweet, what hash tags are and how to properly utilize twitter. Congratulations now you know how to open a Twitter account.


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