A Scheduling Solution – Finding Time to Work when Working from Home

In the ever-evolving process of figuring out how learn the trick of Finding Time to Work when Working from Home.

Both of us need to provide for our family and spend time with them.


My husband and I finally seem to be making a little bit of progress.

Our goal is to one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, both be working from home.

The current situation, though, is that my husband is out of the house for twelve hours each weekday, between working and commuting.

I am home full-time, but with the children.

I get a little housework done, a little writing, a little sewing, a little promoting, a little research.

Sort of feel like I have a cement block tied to each foot, though, hindering my progress.

Really I don’t want to feel like my children are cement blocks.

My objective is to give them plenty of attention and enjoy them.

We’ve been trying to establish various sources of income, from writing, selling, and progressing towards our goal of operating a makerspace.

The scheduling solution we’ve worked out, which I am really enjoying so far, is that we each get one work night a week.

This usually means one of us leaves the house and goes somewhere to write while the other person feeds the kids, plays with them, and puts them to bed.

It gives us 3-5 uninterrupted hours each – this is how we are Finding Time to Work when Working from Home.

Finding Time to Work when Working from Home

We also alternate work Saturdays

I’m on mine right now; my husband woke me up saying he and the kids were off on a mission, they were already loaded in the car, and I wasn’t to worry about anything.

I figure that work Saturdays give us about 6-8 hours each. 10 hours a week isn’t a lot, but having dedicated, uninterrupted hours goes a long way.

These hours also mean that the kids get 10 hours of dedicated attention from one or the other of us each week.

We’ve been doing some things all together on Sunday afternoons and are also all together two evenings a week, and I have scheduled in reading time and other kid activities during the day, as well as housework and business duties.

Friday night is supposed to be date night, whether we go out or just spend time together after the kids go to bed, rather than computer work and dishes and laundry and all the other distractions from each other.

The first week it went great and I felt really refocused and rejuvenated, more of a team.

This week, something “came up.”


Ain’t that always the way?

Okay, so I’m a scheduler . . . a structure person and like my days all corseted up in hourly plans.

Not everyone operates that way.

For us, though, it’s great.

Now I just have to figure out how to pencil in selling a house and moving….

How do you do it – Finding Time to Work when Working from Home?

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