Spreading Holiday Cheer: Set Your Business Apart With a Handwritten Note

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Set Your Business Apart With a Handwritten Note

In today’s world of rich technology, the email is King. Around the holidays, and anytime; really, it should be the handwritten note that prevails. Maybe I haven’t convinced you yet. But I will. Here is why you should send handwritten holiday greeting cards this year to your business clients, past-present-future.

Handwritten Note

1. It Shows You Took the Time

Select a design, or create your own, that says “your business”; one that is uniquely “you.” Doing this, taking care for it to be just right, tells your client or business associate that you care about their time – you know all of those minutes they have spent on you over the year, and not someone else. Handwrite. Sign it. Personalize the message. All of this shows you took time to carefully consider your message, and how it would appear.

2. It’s More Intimate, Personal

A handwritten note can be tailored to an individual person, or business. Take the time to craft a message that is extra special and remarkable. Tailor your message to the individual – don’t just write the same thing to everyone! Handwritten notes are more intimate than email cards; your handwriting says something about you and the card says “I value this relationship and so I got down to this personal level.” Did you know that your writing reveals your character? Let yourself be open and appear generous. It is a unique platform from which to nurture your relationshop.

3. It Shows You Value the Person, and Relationship, Enough to Make a Small Investment

Let’s face it, cards cost money (and email cards are often offered for free). It may require that you pay a little bit in postage. But it’s peanuts compared to the goodwill, feel-good you are generating. But the fact that you invested this money, small as it is, sends a message to the recipient. You are willing to invest in this relationship. Jazz up the offering with a gift card for a cup of coffee. Say, “Your next cup of java is on me, as a way of saying thanks.”


Handwritten holiday cards do take a little more planning so give yourself lots of time to be thoughtful in your choice of design, message and enclosure (if any). If the cards are being mailed, you will need to leave enough time for delivery. All this to say, get on it now! Start planning your personal – handwritten communication strategy now!

Do you send handwritten cards? What do you feel when you receive them?


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