January 2015 Income Report – Report 1

January 2015 Income Report - Report 1

We have been thinking about posting an income report for the TOTS Network (which has 2 blogs www.totsfamily.com and www.totsbusiness.com) for awhile now. We have always put it off for various reasons: time, did not want to seem like we were bragging etc.

After some coercion from readers, we will post our income each month. We have decided to post both January’s and February’s reports although it is March so that you will be able to get a full year view.

We will not be delving set amounts but rather I will showcase our income in percentages. As for us, it is not about the number but having a steady increase in revenue.

We also have larger expenses than a normal blog. Between the 2 blogs, we have 25 paid contributors. We want to show you the reality of running a multi-collaborative blog but know if you solo blog your profits (will theoretically) be larger.

So without further ado:

January 2015

Income over last year (same month) – 1765.03% increase

Income Breakdown

Our income numbers are based on committed funds for the month. For example, we may write and post sponsored content for an Ad Network. The Ad Network may pay Net 90 – meaning they pay 90 days after the post due date. To make it easier, we include money as income when committed and not received.

Advertising Revenue – 64.38% of income
Income from our Ad Network partners included social media and sponsored posts.

Affiliate Revenue – 2.85%
Income from affiliate networks.

Sponsored Content (Self-Sourced) – 32.77%
Income from sponsored posts not affiliated with an Ad Network.

Revenue RPM – $30.70
Revenue per thousand impressions


Total Expenses – 52.90% of income received.

Payroll – 52.87% of total expenses

Other expenses include one off VA (virtual assistance) services and new theme design.

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January is usually a fairly slow month for bloggers. As TOTS does not have the intake in advertising for the holiday season we saw a large increase. We also focused on streamlining the look and categories on the two blogs which may have helped.

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