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There is one app that has been making a huge difference in my life lately, saving me time everyday that I can put to better use, such as chasing my three kids or thinking up a new post idea/series. Evernote has made my (blogging) life a heck of a lot easier. No more forgetting an idea, no more last pieces of paper.

I can blog from almost anywhere, the gym while my daughters are flipping and rolling. The dance studio while they twirling around. But it hasn’t only made writing on the go easier but everywhere I go from home to shopping.

It can be used to store important “papers” that you don’t want to lose such as:

  • Receipts
  • Business cards
  • Appointment cards


  • Client information
  • Project ideas
  • Project checklist


  • Goals
  • Family budget
  • Vacation planning
  • Shopping/to do list

And ending on the To Do list I’m going to mention that you can share notes. So once you have completed that Honey Do List you can share with him.

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Create checklists, and simply check things off as you get them done.

Copy emails to your Evernote to save for later.

The Web Clipper has made clipping articles or parts of web pages for later reading.

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