How To Get Other Bloggers to Hate You

How to get other bloggers to hate you? You’re probably wondering why we are writing about this topic.How to get other bloggers to hate you? You’re probably wondering why we are writing about this topic.

Blogging is the “Wild Wild West”; it is unregulated. We’re all flying by the seat of our pants trying to do our best.

Mommy bloggers are some of the most amazing people I’ve met, and most of us are in this to try and do better for our family.

Bloggers are one of my favorite groups of people, but they can be a very fickle group of people as well.

There are several communities and groups. Most of the time everything is fine, but just like everything else, personalities clash sometimes and things may irritate you.

There are a few things I’ve found over the years, however, that are guaranteed to make other bloggers not like you.

You’re building a brand or a business, and it’s important to maintain the best image possible. Not doing these things can help you to do that!

How To Get Other Bloggers to Hate You

Take Something Someone Said in a Private Group and Tell Someone Outside The Group

Most of the time it’s pretty innocuous, but by doing so it takes the safe place to talk and makes it into a big gaping whole.

If you’re in a private group, keep it private.

I tried to be helpful and give advice in the groups, and would end up getting sucked into a conversation that was frustrating or emotionally draining.

Don’t allow this to happen in your group.

Sometimes people will phrase a question to the group as a whole, but really only want someone to agree with them.

It isn’t worth it to try and force your point of view, no matter how logical.

Talk to Brands Negatively about other Bloggers

We all love referrals.

I might recommend a blogger who is a good fit for the brand.

That’s great!

That’s why we network in these groups.

On the flip side, you never want to speak negatively with a brand about a blogger.

This should go without saying, but it happens.

No matter what your experience with the blogger was, you likely don’t know all the details.

Assume the brands have done their due diligence and know who they are working with.

Brands can always ask for social media stats and more.

Talking negatively will just prove to make enemies in an industry that’s already small to begin with.

Talk Negatively about Blogging?

We’re all carving out this little niche of blogging for our own, out of nothing.

We’re promoting, getting connected, and doing all this stuff on our own.

To hear someone turn around and down talk the entire industry is frustrating. (they could just be a “Cry for Help”)

It’s a sure way to rustle some people’s feathers.

The beauty about blogging is that everyone’s approach is different.

While it can be frustrated that it’s so highly unregulated, it’s one of my favorite things too!

You can find what works for you, your audience, and how to best serve them.

For me, being authentic and serving my audience is super important.

Talking down about blogging in general is highly generalizing a very diverse and unique industry.

Lie or Cheat to Get Ahead and get Bloggers To Hate You?

Not only should you not do this ethically, you just shouldn’t do it.

Inflating numbers doesn’t give the brands what they need, and doesn’t help you in the long run.

By lying and overstating statistics, you’re jeopardizing work for yourself and future bloggers when it comes to companies who are just starting to hire bloggers.

If the company doesn’t see a return on their investment, they will not continue to fund their budget for bloggers.

It’s simple, really.

If you want other bloggers to hate you, just start being a negative influence.

Bonus Tip: I will hate you if you don’t have any way to share your content on your blog! If you don’t have a way, check out programs like Sumo Me or Jet Pack to make it easy to share content.

Something I’ve been trying out, and that I’ll talk about my results with later is social promo groups, or threads, on Facebook.

I’ve been trying this, and plan on trying for a month, to see how it is.

Through doing this, I’ve come across several blogs that had no way on them for me to promote (or share with my readers). I found that frustrating.

That’s it this week. It’s a bit lighthearted, but important.

I’d love to hear what grinds your gears, when it comes to the world of blogging, since we all have different things.

Be sure to reach out with them on social media, I’m sure there are many I forgot and can come back and add!

Have an AWESOME day!


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