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I have learned these Business Tips For Entrepreneurs from those in business who have successfully dealt with access issues which stopped some customers using the services of their business.

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When most people think of entrepreneurs often they think of men and women walking briskly around the city as they work to make their millions.

In most people’s minds they neglect to imagine the entrepreneur as a young man or woman sitting in a wheelchair.

The truth is entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and with various abilities and challenges.

There isn’t a one size fits all, which is the same for businesses themselves.

For the past 15 years I have been running my own little enterprise from the comfort of my wheelchair – and my desk of course!

I have been able to make a great living for myself and create a legacy which I can pass on to my two children when the time comes.

Here are some Business Tips For Entrepreneurs which should be an integral part of every business model to ensure that you maximize your consumer base.

Be Aware of the Needs of People In Your Company and Your Customers too

One thing you notice when you have a disability are things that are missing.

I notice when desks are the wrong size, if a bathroom isn’t suitable or if a ramp is missing on the stairs for example.

When selling services and products, be a stickler for details like these to ensure that the right equipment and facilities are available.

Additionally think about the access to the building and providing jobs and services to those who may need some extra assistance in the property.


Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business business-tips-for-entrepreuners-300x300 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs All Posts Small Business TOTS Business  tips entreprenuer business advice business

Mistakes are Common Place

In business mistakes don’t always mean disaster; you need to learn from the mistake.

It doesn’t matter if you have a disability as mistakes will happen.

What’s important is that these errors are picked up on and used to learn new ways and methods of going about things.


Think Simple

It is very easy to get caught up in complicated processes.

In business it helps to make everything as simple as possible.

If you are dealing with an issue full of complications break them down into small chunks.

So if you need to make improvements to your premises do it step by step.

Find out what needs to be done to improve the access of your business by using access audits.

Detail your findings of how you can improve access into individual projects.

Complete one step before moving to the next step.

The same method can be applied to marketing, advertising, business planning and more.


Listen to What’s Being Said

You can learn a lot from your employees, investors and your customers.

It is important to listen and be willing to change your plans based on new credible information.

It is impossible to know all the right answers all the time. Rely on the people around you to get the best results.

You need to be flexible; Fix what is not working.

Even if you have spent years planning one idea; if it fails you need to let it go.


Work Together

I think the most important thing to remember is that everyone is in it together.

Try not to distance yourself from your team by keeping communication open at all times.

The business world is full of a wide range of people from all walks of life.

Being more open and flexible will help you to adapt in the ever changing world, increasing your chances for success.


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The Social Networking Site That’s Better Focused Than FaceBook With Richer Members Than Twitter – And Yet Hardly Anyone Knows How To Harness Its Massive Potential

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Transform-your-business-with-Linkedin-ebookm-194x300 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs All Posts Small Business TOTS Business  tips entreprenuer business advice business

Read on to discover how you can cash in big with this lesser known social network while your competitors are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes – starting TODAY!

… do you realize you’re probably missing out on the greatest social networking bonanza taking place RIGHT NOW right here?

But don’t beat yourself up, because hardly anyone in the internet marketing world knows about this, either all of which means BIG BUCKS for you here’s why…

… because you can tap into this treasure trove, starting today, and be lying on some tropical beach, sipping an ice-cold Margarita (with the cash safely in the bank), before your competitors even know what’s hit them!

The key to success online is threefold…

* Find where a large, hungry group with a common interest hang out.

* Make sure that group has cash to spend.

* Offer them what they want.

You know what? LinkedIn – the networking site for top business folk – checks ALL THREE boxes…

These are the facts…

LinkedIn is focused on business and making money – giving you 100% totally targeted prospects.

It’s also growing at the rate of one new signup every second – and every single new person is looking to increase their income..

The average household income for LinkedIn members is $150,000 far higher than any other social media site.

No distracting funny video uploads or games which means a totally serious audience looking for results!

Executives from every Fortune 500 company are members perfect if you’re looking to hook up with some top movers and shakers!

About half of its members are seasoned decision makers in their businesses, compared with a quarter on FaceBook you won’t find many procrastinators here.

LinkedIn is 10th on Alexa for traffic in the US and we all know traffic (particularly of this high quality) means money

LinkedIn gets around FOUR MILLION hits a day just imagine what a tiny fraction of that will do for your bottom line!

All of which means…

* You can generate more leads – because the folks here are far more tightly targeted.

* You can suck in traffic like a Shop Vac on steroids – this site is invariably in the top five traffic driving sites.

* You can make more sales and profits – this site has the largest per capital disposable income of any social networking site.

* You can highlight your personal brand – so respected is this site that your profile can likely feature high in the first page of Google’s search results!

* You can forget Fiverr if you’re looking to freelance – because this site has the power to endow you with as many gigs as you want… and all for top pay!

* You keep control of your precious database – because you can export your database from this site… something neither FaceBook nor Twitter allow.

* You can become the ‘go to’ guy or gal in your niche – because this is a serious site for serious people.

* You can forge priceless contacts that translate into money in the bank – make easy connections with the thousands of media professionals, and PR folk who inhabit this site.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Package-300x166 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs All Posts Small Business TOTS Business  tips entreprenuer business advice business

Yet what do most folks think LinkedIn is for?

They think it’s only good for putting up their resume, if they are looking for a new job!


And it’s a mistake you can PROFIT from, because you can run circles around your competitors, whose jaws will drop right to the floor as you glide by in your new limo paid for by your LinkedIn profits!

But don’t get me wrong

I’m not saying you should forgo FaceBook in preference to LinkedIn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, neglect either and you’ll be leaving money lots of money for someone else to pick up.

Using both FaceBook AND LinkedIn (and Twitter, too) is not only the very best way to explode your sales, profits and happiness it’s also a valuable insurance for your business.

One of the iron rules on business and investing is never to have all your eggs in one basket. So having multiple sources of traffic and income is the shrewd way forward, because you are targeting different types of people yet all with the same interest in your niche for the maximum possible interest and sales.

But, if one or more of these networks suddenly change their business plan meaning you lose out it won’t be the deadly blow to business that less shrewd business owners will suffer.

And another rule of smart business is that a smaller group of better targeted folks always beats a larger group of less well targeted prospects.

So, despite LinkedIn being a relative minnow, with ‘only’ around 347 million members, compared with FaceBook’s billions, the far higher net worth of LinkedIn members – as well as their far tighter focus on increasing their wealth – makes it a GOLDMINE for you.

And because all proper goldmines need a proper map to locate the gold – that’s what I’ve prepared for you…


Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Transform-your-business-with-Linkedin-ebookm Business Tips for Entrepreneurs All Posts Small Business TOTS Business  tips entreprenuer business advice business

Linkedin Marketing

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