11 Content Creation Trends of the Year

The content creation industry moves faster than anyone can predict.

The competition is getting brutal in all niches, so bloggers have to keep getting better and better if they want to attract audience and keep them coming back at their website.

How will you do that in 2019?

Let’s go through the 11 most prominent content creation trends of the year.


Let’s go through the 11 most prominent content creation trends of the year.

  1. User Experience Is Getting More Important than Ever

When marketing experts think about the customer, they place their journey at the center of the campaign creation process.

That’s exactly what you should do, too.

Does a visitor of your site have to search to find what they are looking for?

When they find the piece of content they need, what would you want them to do next?

How do you keep them on the website?

Are you making the experience good enough for them?

User experience should be in the focus of every piece of content you write and every adjustment you make to the blog.


The content creation industry moves faster than anyone can predict. Let’s go through the 11 most prominent content creation trends of the year.



  1. Storytelling Relevant to Specific Platforms

You’re a blogger, so you’re definitely familiar with the concept of storytelling.

What’s different in 2019?

The trend of storytelling is growing into a form of native storytelling.

You can no longer tell the same story on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all other platforms.

You’ll have to adjust your message in a way that’s relevant to the audience of the particular platform you use.


  1. Topic Clusters Are the Future of Blogging

Fresh site content is still highly valued, but topic clusters are currently in the focus.

A single post at your blog will act as a pillar, which will lead the readers towards other pages at your site.

You’ll do this by creating topic clusters, which provide more information around a main topic the reader is interested in.


  1. Super Niche Content

You knew you needed a narrow focus when you started blogging.

In 2018, however, you’ll have to get even more specific.

Bloggers are creating more content than ever before, and most of them rely on writing services because they cannot keep up with the pace of the most popular blogs.

This incredible amount of content being launched day after day means you have to try harder to stand out.

The best way to stand out is to narrow down your niche to a very specific focus.


  1. Reusing Content

Reuse has always been an essential aspect of content development.

It takes long for you to produce a blog post, so you’re doing your best to get that evergreen potential out of each topic you explore.

In 2018, you should try harder to upcycle old blog content.

You can do that by updating older blog posts with new information, or turning them into infographics, podcasts, and Instagram video stories.


Let’s go through the 11 most prominent content creation trends of the year.


  1. Measuring ROI

If you thought you could just write and become a good blogger, you were wrong.

With the crazy competition nowadays, you have to engage in analytics.

Each post is an investment of time and effort.

Is that investment yielding any results?

You’re getting measurements in the form of likes, shares, comments, and conversions.

Analyze the metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly!


  1. Increased Attention to Social Listening

Just like brands are doing their best to understand what their audience is looking for, bloggers should also turn to social listening as part of their daily routine.

Find out what issues your audience is struggling with, and provide solutions that work for them!


  1. Influencer Marketing Is a Big Deal

With the rise of Instagram stories, we started getting even more insights into the lives of influencers.

And we love it!

The stories of influencers are getting thousands of views per day.

Various brands already understood this potential, so they are selling their products and services through influencer marketing.

It’s about time for bloggers to start implementing influencer marketing in their promotional routines as well.


Let’s go through the 11 most prominent content creation trends of the year.


  1. Video Is a Big Deal, Too

This trend is not showing any signs of slowing down.

As a blogger, you might be focused on developing textual content.

However, each post holds great potential for an attention grabbing video.

You can create nice slides with the main points of your post and push them as video ads on Facebook.


  1. Bloggers Are No Longer Focused Solely on Social Media

No; social media is not dead.

Engagement is at an all-time low.

However, since Facebook started emphasizing content by friends and downsizing content from publishers, you have to diversify your marketing practices.

Quora and Medium are great starting points.


  1. Email Marketing Is Getting Popular Again

Email marketing is far from dead!

Facebook made it more difficult for bloggers to promote themselves without paying for ads, so they are slowly bringing this traditional practice back.

Email newsletters give you more work, since they have to be designed well, and you need to format the content differently.

Nevertheless, these efforts will yield results when done properly.


Are you ready to make 2019 the most successful year for your blog?

These 11 content creation trends of the year above will help you with that.


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Maisie Potter is a copywriter, blogger and a marketing specialist. Maisie writes articles on education, college experience, marketing and blogging. She’s always optimistic and willing to share her knowledge with online community.


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