10 Items Needed To Set-up a Home Office

10 items needed to set up a home officeAre you thinking about setting up your own business?

Here are 10 Items Needed To Set-up a Home Office

Desktop or Laptop?

Most businesses rely on computers, therefore this should be your first port of call when setting up a home office.

This can either be a compact laptop, a regular sized laptop or a new touchscreen desktop computer.

While working on a blog it’s nice to move around to encourage creativity – Laptop is my choice.


High Quality and Reliable Internet Service

Email is a necessity today. Businesses stop working when the internet connection fails.

Therefore, having access to a reliable internet service from home is vital to be capable of communicating with customers.


Voice Communication

With many people only having mobile phones these days, it might make sense for a small business owner to have an old fashioned ‘land line’.

Most people are moving away from landlines so service providers provide the service at a very low cost now.

Research the options, for your area.

For long distance or international calls consider Skype – you can’t beat free.



This is when working from home can be a challenge.

If you have small kids at home, it is a good idea to have all commercial files out of their grasp.

We recommend setting up a decent storage room that is lockable.


Wall Planner

While outdated a hand written planner for all to see can be beneficial.

Keeping track of conferences and lists is vital in any workplace.

However, when setting up your own business, you’re typically a one man band for a while.

So, it is easy to forget about things. Having a wall planner will keep you driven and prepared while working from home.


A good quality computer desk and chair are essential for any office.

You need to comfortable for maximum productivity.

Consider a stand up desk as they are healthier than sitting all day.


Printer with copy and scan function

When looking for a printer, try to find one that lets you copy and scan.

You will be amazed at how often you will use these features.

It is also to get a good quality printer that won’t break easily as you may have a lot of paper work.


Energy Efficiency

Try to use energy efficient products and recycle wherever possible.

This will save you money in the long run.


Personal Comfort

In order to make you feel as comfortable as possible, design your office with personal items.

This will increase your productivity and is certainly one of the most important Items Needed To Set-up a Home Office.

I use a custom mouse pad, so my kids are right there while I work.



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