Work at Home Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Work at Home Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Just a disclaimer before I begin. I’ve researched all of the following companies and their job leads to make sure they are not scams. I’ve even provided links for you to apply! However, I cannot guarantee that you will be hired. I can’t guarantee that you’ll love your job if you are hired. What I can guarantee is that the following links are NOT scams. They are real jobs that pay an hourly rate for honest work in the customer service industry. If any of the following links are scams or require you to pay at any point outside of standard operating equipment (i.e. computer, pens, internet access, desk), please notify me and I will remove it immediately.

A virtual assistant is like a secretary expect they work online. The jobs that you will be doing will depend on the company that you work for. For the most part, you will probably be doing a combination of the following: customer service, internet research, social media posting, data entry and writing blog posts and articles.

Work at Home Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Assistant Match– Assistant Match looks to be a staffing agency. A staffing agency finds qualified employees for an array of companies. Assistant Match pairs qualified virtual assistants with businesses or individual who are looking for VA services. The amount of pay you will receive will depend on what you are doing for work. You can make anywhere from $12 an hour to $25 an hour for the work you complete. You will need minimum tech requirements to work with the company though including a computer with high speed internet along with MS Office, a dedicated telephone line, a printer or fax and a quiet area to work. You don’t really need to have previous VA experience to register with Assistant Match or to qualify for jobs but preference is normally given to those with VA experience. To register with the company, click on the link on their page that says Become a Virtual Assistant. Once you are registered, you will receive notifications when new jobs become available. Then, you can contact them if you are a strong candidate for the position.

Contemporary Virtual Assistance– Contemporary Virtual Assistance has a very tough screening process. The company is very selective since virtual assistant jobs are in high demand. You will be asked to complete a skills test as well as some sample VA tasks. If you are hired, you have a 60 day probationary period where you will not work directly with clients but instead will work behind the scenes and receive constant training and evaluations. If you work with Contemporary Virtual Assistance, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you won’t work with other clients while employed with the company. As a VA with the company, you will be expected to be dependable, have sufficient computer knowledge, be able to work independently and have the desire to grow your VA skills. You are paid $10 an hour when working with the company and you must work at least 4 hours each weekday. You are paid by check twice a month. To apply for a VA position with the company, you will need to do an application on their website as well as upload a resume.

Fancy Hands– Fancy Hands is a company that hires people to do a variety of jobs such as internet research and phone work. The company pays through Dwolla and they pay between $1 to $5 per task, depending on the task. You need to have a Google account to sign up with Fancy Hands. Usually the good tasks get taken right away so you may log-on and find jobs that are not worth the pay or you won’t find any jobs at all listed. You do have the opportunity to get promoted at the company to areas like managerial positions. There is a short application to fill out that asks for basic information.

Life Bushido– With Life Bushido, there are a number of things you can do for work such as making phone calls, appointment setting and website design. When working for the company, they will determine what your skills are and match you with the best jobs. You are paid $10 an hour as a virtual assistant with the company and you work as an independent contractor. You are required to work at least five hours every week and you can work up to 25 hours every week so it is not a full time position. To apply with Life Bushido, you need to send them an email expressing your interest. If they want you to work for them, they will send you several emails that you will need to read over.


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