Am I ALOUD to Post This ALL READY?

Homonyms Part 2 There are so many pairs or groups of words (Homonyms) that are often mistaken for each other.
In my last post I talked about several of the common ones, and I’m continuing to do so in this post.
But whenever you are in doubt about what word to use in your writing, or wanting to use a neat word but you’re not 100% sure of the meaning, look it up!
If you don’t have a hard copy of a dictionary, google it!
You can save yourself a LOT of embarrassment by double-checking.
Anyway, that’s the end of my lecture.
On to the homonyms!

Peak, Peek

(I have been seeing this mix-up all over the place, especially on ‘Sneak Peak’ pictures)
     Peak = the tip of something.  The view from a mountain peak is breathtaking!
     Peek = a quick look.  I often take quick peeks at my sleeping baby.

Aloud, Allowed

     Aloud = out loud.  I sometimes lecture aloud about the misuse of homonyms.
     Allowed = permitted to, or given permission to.  You are allowed to comment on this post.

All ready, Already

     All ready = fully prepared.  Are you all ready to keep reading?
     Already = before a specified time, or as early as  now.  What do you mean, your brain hurts already?

All together, Altogether

     All together = in a group.  I try to keep my notes all together.
     Altogether = totally, completely.  Poorly written status updates are altogether awful.

All right, alright

     Okay now, this set is a little sticky.
Major grammar sources don’t like it, but ‘alright’ has been creeping into our written language for quite some time.
It means the same thing, but it’s just a ‘lazy’ way of spelling it.
If you want to get an english geek hot under the collar, bring up the ‘all right vs. alright’ debate.
     All right = okay, satisfactory, good.
Let’s just say that if you’re wondering whether (not weather) to say ‘alright’, just…don’t.  All right?
Are there any other common pairs or groups I missed?
Are there any misused words you see that drive you bonkers?


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