Why It Is Worth Living in Canada: The Benefits of Canadian Immigration

Immigrating to Canada has many benefits – learn here Why It Is Worth Living in Canada.

Canada is a beautiful, multicultural country.

Crime rates are low, and higher education is affordable and is of excellent quality.

Canada also provides all of its citizens with free, universal health care.

Canada frequently ranks in the top 10 nations globally in terms of quality of life, education, and happiness.

image of Canadian flag - Why It Is Worth Living in Canada

Canada Turns into a Winter Wonderland

Canada is known for its majestic beauty.

Canada is the second largest country in the entire world – only Russia is bigger.

Canada is also known for having four distinct seasons.

While the winter can be cold here, it can also be quite beautiful.

You can ski, snowboard, hike, or simply make snowmen and snow angels to help the months fly by.

One of the Most Multicultural Countries in the World

Canada is a multicultural melting pot.

People of all genders, creeds, sexual orientations, and ethnicities are welcome into Canada with open arms.

Many Canadians are also bilingual, being fluent in English and French, with millions of Canadians speaking a third or fourth language as well.

Canada is thus known for its rich and exotic cuisine and high level of tolerance and acceptance of different global cultures.

Economic Strength and Stability

Canada has a relatively low population, so the Canadian government has done everything in its power to encourage people to immigrate.

There are a wide array of interesting and lucrative career options to choose from.

In fact, Canada’s banking system has been voted the most stable in the entire world for seven years straight by the World Economic Forum.

Canada currently ranks second out of all G20 nations for its standard of living index, and has one of the strongest economies in the world.

Canada’s Healthcare System

Canada is known around the world for having one of the most accessible and fairest healthcare systems.

Most medical treatments, such as operations and doctor’s appointments, are 100% free and are funded by government taxes.

Those who do not want to wait for several hours or days to be treated can also opt for privatized healthcare instead.

Plenty of Educational Opportunities

Education is very affordable in Canada.

In fact, Quebec has the most affordable higher education tuition fees in North America.

Canada understands the value of a higher education, which may explain why it is the most educated developed country in the entire world, with 56% of its adult population having received some post-secondary training or education.

Great Job Opportunities

Canada is known for having a laissez-faire or laid back style.

There are also 347 occupations currently available that can qualify you and yours for “fast track” entry into the country.

From construction and engineering to medical and management, there are hundreds of exciting and lucrative job opportunities to choose from.

Dual Citizenship

The Canadian government will never make you choose between your motherland and Canada.

By immigrating to Canada, you will eventually be able to enjoy dual citizenship.

Canadian Tax Laws

Canadian tax laws are based on residency rather than citizenship.

This means that a Canadian citizen who currently does not live in Canada will not be required to pay Canadian taxes.

Cheap Living Costs

Canadians who earn an average wage can still enjoy a high quality of life.

Canada’s relaxed way of life and great outdoors will also equate to spending less money to have a good time.

Moving to Canada Is Easy

Shipping all of your belongings and moving your entire family to Canada is actually a relatively easy and stress-free process.

Canada is known for making newly arrived immigrants feel right at home, so you’ll make friends in no time.

Canadian Immigration Rules Are Not Rigorous

It is easier to qualify for immigration into Canada than many other countries.

The immigration laws are not as rigorous as elsewhere and you can take Citizen preparation classes.

In fact, even during the recession that hit the world in the mid-2000s, Canada did not cut down on its immigration quota.

Canada has a population of less than 40 million people, so the Canadian government has made its immigration rules fairly lax in order to encourage more people to apply for immigration.

There are various immigration programs that you should look into if you are interested in moving to one of the most beautiful and prosperous nations in the world.

We would also suggest that you talk to an immigration lawyer in Canada.

An immigration lawyer here specializes in Canadian immigration law.

Most immigration lawyers in Canada will offer their new clients a free, no obligation quote and consultation as well.

The Pros Outweigh the Cons, So Get Going!

Canada is considered one of the most beautiful, safest, and prosperous nations in the world.

Canadians are kind, funny, and honest people that embrace people from all cultures and walks of life.


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