Brilliance in Advertising: Celebrity Appeal

Brilliance in Advertising: Celebrity Appeal

We live in a day and age that celebrities, whether movie stars or professional athletes, have a god-like status among us ‘normal folks’ and the power of coercion runs high. That’s why they are making just as much, if not more money from filming commercials, wearing clothes or even driving cars of companies that will pay them to do so.

Brilliance in Advertising: Celebrity Appeal

Some of these products that are celebrity endorsed are everyday items that anyone can afford. For instance, the long -running relationship that Gatorade has with professional athletes across many of the different sports. Gatorade is the official sports drinks of many professional sports leagues and sold just about anywhere you can buy drinks. It’s pretty cool that Johnny can drink the same thing as his favorite basketball star.

Another product we see a major celebrity endorsement with is TAG Heuer watches. Here, Cameron Diaz, a beautiful and successful actress is representing the brand. I’m not sure if they are targeting men who wish their ladies were Cameron or ladies who wish they were her, but either way, it works. She’s talented and one of the best looking celebrities out there and if she is wearing this watch other women will be wearing them too.

Unlike Gatorade, some people can afford this watch and others cannot. There are also celebrity endorsements for products that many people cannot afford. For instance, Matthew McConaughey and his strange ads for the Lincoln MKC:

I do not know what he is talking about or why he rubs his fingers together, but I guess it works for some people. It does not personally inspire me to purchase this vehicle, or even want to, but it works. He has made several commercials with Lincoln and I’m sure he’s not cheap. It does not always make sense and maybe that is what makes it so brilliant.

What is your favorite celebrity endorsed product?

Are there any that leave you scratching your head?


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