How To Get Your Readers To Interact on Facebook #socialmedia

How To Get Your Readers To Interact on Facebook

Do you ever feel like you ask a question on Facebook and then hear crickets?   I have had that happen to me a few times and I have learned from it.  I have found a pattern for which posts people respond to and which ones they just seem to overlook.   Here are a few tips to get you readers interact with you on Facebook.

1- Ask more specific question:  
If you are asking: “What do you like for dinner?” , it can be a little general & hard for people to quickly think of an answer.
Spice it up a bit “Give me your favorite crock pot meal”  & you will get a lot of great responses.

2– Ask at the right time of the day:
If you have a question, ask it when you know those readers are online.  If I were going to ask a dinner question, I would post it close to dinner time, maybe around 3:00, when I know that readers are looking up recipes.

3- Add a picture:
If I just have a link, I tend to not have very good response.   When I add a picture that goes along with the post, I tend to get more people talking about it.

4- Be genuine:
Don’t just ask a question to have something on there.  There are some days where I post only one thing and there are some days when I post 5-7 times a day.  It just depends, but I don’t want to just write ‘anything’ just to keep my name out there.  I don’t want to clog up news-feeds and have people “hide” me because I am posting insignificant things.

5- Be positive:  
Try not to post negative things.  People are getting on Facebook to find out what is going on and to catch up.  Try to make a positive impact in their day!

Follow me on Facebook and see what I mean.

~Becky at Your Modern Family 

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