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Thinking Outside The Sandbox is a unique blog about the business side of blogging. We are a team of amazing bloggers from all different backgrounds.

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If you are looking for an area specific campaign we have authors in both the US and Canada.


We love to work with companies related to tech and blogging.

We do our best to keep our media kit up to date, but our numbers are constantly growing.

Why Work With Us?

At TOTS we prefer to create evergreen sponsored content that is resource based. How to and tips/tricks are our most popular articles. By creating partnered content which echos the content our readership knows us for allows your company/brand to be presented in an almost seamless fashion.

Also, we promote your content across our social media channels on a regular schedule. When we create evergreen content it allows us to promote your company/brand throughout the year without the added holiday and seasonal constraints. With 57% of our monthly visitors visiting TOTS through social sources having us promote your content in this fashion is value added.

If you would like more up to date information, please pop us an email at info (at) We look forward to hearing from you!

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Updated – February 3 2016



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