Work/Life Balance: 5 Jobs Where You Can Work From Home

5 jobs where you can work from homeWhile going into an office each Monday morning used to be taken as read, technological advancements such as the internet and mobile phones mean that there are now more opportunities for working from home than ever before.  Whether you are after a flexible solution to balance employment with family responsibilities, or you would simply prefer to avoid a daily commute, work-from-home jobs are popping up everywhere.  Here are five of the best:

1) Data Entry

If you’re computer literate (spreadsheet skills are a must) a job in data entry could be just the opportunity you need to segue from an office job into the work-from-home sector.  With the advent of high speed internet, data entry jobs are frequently being outsourced to outside of the office.  The sector offers a great deal of flexibility, with very few restrictions on how you complete your hours, provided that deadlines are met.  Because of this, working in data entry from home is the perfect solution for stay-at-home parents with school-age children.

2) Virtual Assistant

It might seem like a personal assistant needs to be in the office with their boss.  But the times, they are a-changing, and now high power executives are looking to hire virtual assistants instead of, well, physical ones.  A virtual assistant performs the exact same jobs as a regular PA – scheduling meetings, answering emails, managing social media etc. – but they do these tasks remotely.  As a virtual assistant, you would be working as a contractor, rather than one office’s employee.  This broadens employment opportunities as you can act as assistants for two or three clients at a time.

3) Proofreader

Do you have a penchant for punctuation?  Well, this might be the work-from-home job for you.  As information is shared so rapidly by corporations over the internet, feedback from clients is instant.  The last thing any media team wants is a typo glaring at potential clients from a hastily put-together press release.  Work as a proofreader is generally gained through an agency, so you would receive a steady stream of work from a variety of publications.  While a Bachelor’s degree with a major in English, Journalism, or Communications would be helpful, this is the sort of job that would suit anyone who is being forced to move on from the dying publishing industry.

4) Translator

In our multicultural society, communicating in many languages is a must for writers and businesses.  Unfortunately, the bilingual are few and far between.  So, if you do speak a second language, get yourself signed up with an online translating agency.  This is the sort of job that simply couldn’t have existed before the internet, as online translators work with documents from all over the world.  So, if you like reading a variety of texts and have a passion for languages, this could be the job for you.

5) University Tutor

University is no longer a building.  With online universities becoming more and more popular, there is now a market for online tutors.  An education degree or a higher level qualification in your field is a must.  Teaching students who live in places from the Highlands to the Nullabor, this is a work from home career that is both challenging and rewarding.

Frances Ward is a student who works from her home in multicultural Sydney.  When she’s not working with people from the Highlands to the Nullabor over the internet, she’s trying to make sure that she has a life away from the computer screen.


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