Working At Home As A Mystery Shopper

Working At Home As A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is also called “secret shopping” and involves a mystery shopper posing as an actual customer with the goal of evaluating the products and services that were provided to them. The mystery shopper then organizes that information and relates it back to the client. Many businesses hire mystery shopping companies to evaluate their business and the company in turn hires mystery shoppers. Some types of businesses that hire mystery shopping companies include restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, grocery stores, retail stores, gas stations, amusement parks and car dealerships.

Mystery shoppers are required to make note of specific things during their shop. These things can be things like whether or not they were offered the special monthly discount or how long it took for them to be waited on upon arrival. With each mystery shop assignment, shoppers are given a list of things to evaluate and take note of during their shop. Once the shopper has finished the shop assignment, they turn in their evaluation as well as their receipts and are paid within a few weeks of completing the assignment.

Working At Home As A Mystery Shopper

Here are some places that hire mystery shoppers.

A Closer Look– A Closer Look is a reputable company that has been around since 1994. They offer mystery shoppers in not only retail stores but also restaurants and motels. The amount you get paid for these shops will vary, but the company will let you know before you take the job how much you will get paid along with how much they will reimburse you for what you spend. A Closer Look posts their available assignments sometime during the last week of each month on their website. If you find something in your area that you want to do, just grab it and it’s yours to complete. Mystery shoppers with A Closer Look get paid on the 3rd Friday of every month by cheque and you are paid the month after you do the shop. To apply with the company, you must be at least 18 years old and you are required to pass a test on their site. The test is to see how well you can follow directions and how well you pay attention to details.

Amusement Advantage– Amusement Advantage is a mystery shopping company that hires mystery shoppers for theme parks, aquariums, zoos and water parks. Because of the fact that these are fun jobs, Amusement Advantage will reimburse you for expenses while at the park and will pay you to do the shop, but this payment isn’t as high as you would get for retail shops or restaurant shops. If your payment is under $25, you will be paid by PayPal only, otherwise you can choose to be paid by PayPal or by cheque. The company posts available assignments on their website around the middle part of the month. Shops are assigned based on demographics, client requirements and past experience.

Best Mark– Best Mark is a well-known mystery shopping company that also happens to be one of the largest ones around. They have been featured in Essence Magazine and the Oprah Show, to name a few. The payment you will receive as a mystery shopper for them will vary according to the assignment, but for the most part, you will get paid a flat rate for the job and be reimbursed for your purchases. In order to apply with Best Mark, you need to be at least 21 years old, pay good attention to details, possess good written communication skills and have reliable transportation. You can log into their site at any time to see what shops are available.

GFK Mystery Shopping– GFK Mystery Shopping is one of the world’s largest research marketing companies so they have a ton of shops available. They hire mystery shoppers in the United States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. In order to take mystery shops, you need to complete a qualification test with GFK Mystery Shopping, but it is an open book test. The company hires mystery shoppers for an array of shops including convenience stores, retail stores, wireless telecom, automotive and restaurants. With GFK Mystery Shopping, the pay you will receive varies by shop by like most other shopping companies, you are reimbursed for your purchases plus paid a flat fee for your time. The company pays by PayPal, usually within two weeks of getting your evaluation.

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