What’s up with our Google Traffic Stats?

An interesting thing has been happening at TOTS over the past week.

We have had an unusual spike in readership.

What’s up with our Traffic Stats?

Since starting the blog in September we have averaged 100-150 page views a weekday with an exception of 2 weeks in November where readership dropped to 25-50 reads a weekday.

[Sidenote: If anyone has any guesses why that would be please comment below. I am always curious about these things.]

Our weekend stats are much lower.

The reason for this is obvious.

We post once a day except on weekends.


What's up with our Traffic Stats?!?


The big exception was this past weekend.

On Saturday we had 201 page views and Sunday 73.

To compare the previous weekend we had 30 and 21 page views respectively.

We did not post any new content or engage with our readership more than any other weekend.

What caused this spike? Pinterest.

Pinterest is very quickly becoming a top referrer to our blog.

As you can see in my horrible side by side comparison in the last 7 days 240 people have come to our site through Pinterest.

Our ‘Of All Time’ number is 388. These numbers do not take into account any mobile Pinterest users.

61% off all of our referrals have happened in the past week.

That is AMAZING.


What's up with our Traffic Stats?!?



Since we started TOTS I have tried to add pinnable images (images which have blog post titles which can be placed on our Pinterest boards) to our posts.

Just recently – over the past 2 weeks – we were invited into a group board.

A group board has many authors which can pin content for all of their followers to see.

The big advantage to a group board is you then have access to a wider group of people (all of the other author’s followers).

This is why we have had such a Pinterest spike.

Our most popular pin?

It is about Pinterest of course!

To Repin Or Not To Repin: The One Must Follow Pinterest Rule.

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