What Integrated System Technologies can do for Your Business


The issue of security is one that often tends to be overlooked. Many businesses put their focus on growing their market, increasing profit, and managing personnel.

The aspect of security sometimes takes a backseat. However, as a company gets larger and the workforce and assets grow, the need to have an integrated security system becomes more evident. In fact, the quality of the security system has an impact on productivity, efficiency, and conflict-resolution.

A security system is typically comprised of access management, video and audio surveillance, intrusion alarms, and a guard service —among others. All of these components must work together cohesively in order to deliver optimal security and safety towards the business’s properties and personnel.

Indeed, the issue of workplace security is such a complex undertaking.

Therefore, it is best to rely on expert consultation and implementation.


One expert is Integrated System Technologies

Integrated System Technologies has been in the industry for three years and is the brainchild of security veterans who have extensive years of experience under their belt.

The company has been helping many organizations in setting up integrated security systems.

They are mainly in charge of tech support, start-up, commissioning, procurement and installation of crucial security tools.

In addition, their service does not end with the set-up. They provide long-term maintenance service as well.


Integrated System Technologies 3 Key Components

Integrated System Technologies specializes in setting-up three key components of the security system which are CCTV cameras, access control systems, and audio and video surveillance parts.

The CCTV cameras they provide are state-of-the-art and boast of advanced features such as adaptive infrared illumination, cross line detection, video motion detection, people counting, and digital auto tracking.

These come in HD, Megapixel, and 4K variants.

Thermal cameras and hard drive recorders are also available.



Additionally, the company can also arrange an efficient access control system for any type of facility.

Whether the client’s need is a simple single-door controller or an intricate multi-door system, Integrated System Technologies is capable of delivering it.

They are able to set-up both small and large-scale card access, complete with proximity FOBs, pin pads, or cards.

They will also be able to set up a central station monitoring, where exit and entry can properly be supervised. Intercoms, bio-metrics, and panic buttons are also some of the products they offer.


In addition, any security system will be further enhanced by high-quality audio and visual tools.

These include video walls, conference systems, and boardroom automation. Aside from security requirements, some products offered can also be used for advertising.

These include digital signs and public displays.



An efficient and well-set up security system is as good as the quality of its components.

Therefore, it is best to trust its installation and maintenance to experts such as Integrated System Technologies.

For a more comprehensive look at their services, just drop by their website today at http://www.integratedsystemtechnologies.ca/.

Remember, a good security system will greatly benefit your workplace’s operations.

This what What Integrated System Technologies Can Do for Your Business.

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