Website Builders Versus Web Design Agency: Pros and Cons of Both Options


Making your own website is a creative undertaking, which may also be fun.

Plenty of online website builders have a sandbox-like interface, which is easy to use even for a beginner.

They offer ready templates and designs for every category of the website.

On the other hand, if you have limited webmaster experience, HTML, and CSS, and cannot install the required plugins for your site yourself, you may wish to trust the professional with this case, such as web design and development agency nyc.

The professional design of web pages is one of the best ways to enter the market, attract your audience, and prove your reputation to your business partners.

The following article will give you an overview of the eternal battle between a website builder and a web design agency.

Thus, you can make up your mind whether you need to follow any of these options and how much investment they require.

Website Builders Versus Web Design Agency

Web Builders: Freedom of Your Creativity

Website builders are highly comfortable, useful, and user-friendly.

They are the set of professional tools created by IT professionals to help people who know nothing about coding.

The drag-and-drop principle allows the newbie in this type of activity to put their text into the appropriate field and see how it looks instantly.

This idea is highly attractive while you, yourself, can launch your site quickly and without any significant effort.

Trusted tools that resolve this goal you can find on this page are already reliable and established by thousands of sites created on their platforms.

There you can see their differences, advantages, and suitability to your purpose and your idea.

The following pros are apparent when you chose to go with a website builder:

  • It is easy. As mentioned above, you do not need any external web design expertise to create a site on your own.
  • It is affordable. Your site might cost you no more than $30 on such platforms as Wix. It is considerably cheaper than hiring a web designer, an SEO manager, and a webmaster to operate site functions.
  • It is intuitive. You will not have to spend much time learning the features of your website builder. A small video tour is sufficient to get the full idea of how and what you can do with your web-building sandbox.
  • Many SEO features are free of charge. You can always combine some paid and free-of-charge elements to make your website more visible during a web search. Many builders already have mobile compatibility, SEO-friendly tools (like in WooCommerce), and thousands of design templates that you can get for free or highly low pricing. You may check some other ways of making your SEO at a low cost. Thus, the promotion of a website may be more about time than money.

If everything is so fine, what is the catch? Well,

  • You have to do all this yourself. Some elements should be edited in CSS and HTML directly within the template. This might take some time to get into.
  • Templates repeat, and you will fairly make your website super-original. Your design will not be super-original as many people worldwide likely chose it as well.
  • You cannot transfer your data to a better platform. If your site expands, you will not be able to transfer your data to a better platform, so your website builder is a one-time choice. Either chose the full premium package or thought how to move between platforms, for example, between Wix to WordPress. Choose wisely.

Website Builders Versus Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency: Know Your Desires

With a web design agency, all you have to do is to choose a professional team to create a website for you.

Still, if you wish to maintain your brand identity or are pressed for time, hiring a professional is always a good idea. But what do you get in return?

Unique website experience. You can create a new and different website that does not look like any other online.

This is particularly important if you wish to make an emphasis on your difference from everybody else.

  • Thousands of tools. A web designer can provide you with more tools than a regular website builder. This can make your experience with a website fuller and better as you can add any promotion tools you like.
  • You can make it hybrid. If you do not want to pay for every single option, you can focus on those you need most. The rest can be done by you through the builder, while the web designer can create a site’s unique look or e-commerce sandbox. This limits your actual expenditures on the already pricy undertaking and saves you money.
  • Ongoing support. A web design agency watches over your site’s functionality and provides further support after the site is created. You have personalized chat with your designer and not general mass customer support.

Overall, it looks beautiful, and there should be no doubt that a web designer wins. However,

  • This is expensive. You pay for every single detail a web designer creates. Thus, sites may cost a fortune if you wish to make them fully functional. This prevents many beginners from hiring web designers and opt for website builders instead.
  • Your picture of your website may not be the same as your designer. The final result might disappoint you if your idea of a website was not delivered properly. This can result in general money waste on costly website development, and you will lose time in the process.
  • Attention to detail takes time. As you customize the website for you, the web designer receives every single detail. If you wish to add something underway or did not mention it earlier, such an approach may equally take a long time to make it right. Therefore, it is better to opt for a website agency only if you know your desires well.

Conclusion: Which One Do You Prefer?

To conclude, both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

You can opt for any of them, keeping in mind that you know how your result should look. On the flipside, website builders are perfect for beginners who do not know what to expect of their business.

They only start their way and think about the opportunities they can potentially reach. In contrast, a web design agency suits the purposes of more significant and well-established businesses that wish to go online due to recent world events or to maximize their profit.

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