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This is an awesomely simple way to (not earn) but get ripped off on TeenRefer – Warning Scam Website – TeenRefer

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We are always on the hunt for work at home opportunities for our readers.

Sometimes we stumble over some good opportunities and sometimes what appears to be amazing!

Have you ever heard the ancient cliche, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true” – or some variation from your parents.

This website targets teens that may have a credit card (or access to one) and love the promise, “Earn $100 Today!” and “Earn $25 for signing up right now!




So I signed up and tried an Offer . . .

Just for fun I signed up and tried one of their paid “Test our Apps” reviews which gets you paid $10.

There are 7 opportunities at $10 each to earn as I write this today. Note you can only complete each offer once.

Here is the scary part; you need to verify you are an adult and enter a valid credit card.




Once you do this you are sent to a new screen where they ask you to accept an upgrade – because we are geniuses we UNCLICK the “Yes” Button.

Then you sit quietly thinking and call the toll free number they give you to cancel your subscription.




It occurred to me to ask what I signed up for.

While I am talking to an agent on the phone you can hear someone in the back ground whispering answers to the customer service agent.

The agent explained that if I didn’t,

cancel in 5 days you will be charged $49.99

No where on the offer does it say you are signing up for a $49.99 plan.

So I called my credit card company and BAM – problem solved.

All the while I am thinking – Warning Scam Website – TeenRefer dot com




Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Depositphotos_71363009_m-2015-300x200 Warning Scam Website - TeenRefer All Posts Blogging Finances TOTS Business  Scam Fraud

I Googled this website for “Scam” and found a lot of Discrepancies

  1. Website Physical Address is a residence and the zip codes do not match,
  2. ScamAdviser.com gives this site a 12% LOW Trust Rating based on a long list of relevant factors,
  3. TeenRefer dot com is connected to Paid 2 Share and which has a large number of Scam reviews
  4. We found this detailed review on NewsOnlineIncome.com.

What Did I learn from this experience?

  1. Warning Scam Website – TeenRefer dot com
  2. Always pay with a method that offers “Buyer Protection”
  3. Trust your gut – when it “feels wrong” it probably is wrong
  4. Protect your Children and Seniors. Warn your kids and parents of known scams.
  5. Report Scam and Frauds to a USA Government Agency here – USA.gov

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