Use a List to Get Stuff Done

If you are like me, I need a list of things to do every day, in this age of overstimulation, especially in terms of information, lists really work.

Remember important things using a List, and once you have completed your list, it gives you a great sense of accomplishment! Relieve stress and focus the mind by relying on a List. Use a List as a tool to keep from  procrastinating. And making a list enables us to get our heads around really big tasks by breaking it down — and helps us tackle the work one aspect at a time. Old fashioned and archaic but sometimes it’s important to step back and use a list to get stuff done!

Use a List to Get Stuff Done

Every Day

List down everything that you need to do and then prioritize

This clears your mind and has things down so you can see the importance of what needs to be done. Use different colour highlighters if this helps.

Set out your Intentions for the Day

I often do this the night before as sometimes I do not know how it is going to happen, but the task of writing it down somehow overnight things start to fall into place in order to make things happen.

Keep a Success Journal

Write your successes in a journal can build your self-confidence in your capability to reach your goal. Keep your journal by your bedside and write down each day’s successes.

If Health is a Priority make a List of Feelings in Reaching your Goal of Feeling Better and Healthier

Focus on the positive feelings of better health, and not on thinness. You will see that you are getting more motivated to continue working towards your goal, especially on days when the battle against the scales seems to be losing. So with this in mind, why not use lists to motivate you into achieving your weight loss goal?

Research shows that making specific movements forward, no matter how small, gives us more motivation to keep going.

Take note of your Options and Actions

Take some time List all the options you have to overcome what’s holding you back and making progress on your goals. Review the list and pick out the one option that speaks out to you, and then turn it into an action. Decide what you will do, with whom, and by when.

Be in Gratitude Each and Every Day

Use a list or say thank you to at least 5 things each day that you are grateful for. The more you are grateful, the more you are given to be grateful for.

Hope this helps! To your ultimate success! Comment on “Use a List to Get Stuff Done” !


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