Undiagnosed Autism in Women And Girls

What is Autism?

There are many important things you should know about concerning Autism and Undiagnosed Autism in Women And Girls is not a common topic.

It is a developmental disorder that was once thought of to primarily affect mainly men and boys at an average estimation of around 10 males to every 1 female.

Today, there have been literally hundreds of thousands of young girls and women around the world who have Autism but have gone undiagnosed for a long time because the disorder has been seen by many as a predominantly “male disorder”, according to a neuroscientist in the United Kingdom.

Like Autism, individuals who live with Aspergers disorder generally just want to fit into society and interact with other people too. They just do not know how to do it and become socially awkward in situations, sometimes showing a lack of empathy or emotion.

Without taking an aspergers test is difficult to know whether this due to personality or a kind of autism. Aspergers syndrome, is thought of as being a more milder form of Autism by many professionals. Aspergers and Autism both are serious conditions that should be taken seriously by all. Given the fact that many professionals have been trained throughout their careers to acknowledge general Aspergers or Autism spectrum aspects more easily in men than in women, this could also contribute as to why many Autistic females go undiagnosed in their lives today.

Even though there are several caring advocates who are working tediously to change this actuality, there is still quite a ways to go when it comes to clearly recognizing the special gifts and unique challenges of Apergers and Autistic women. Another interesting fact is that the main characteristics of an Autistic or Aspergers profile does not deviate between genders, although many girls and women may show various different reactions to the profile.

undiagnosed autism in women and girls

Undiagnosed Autism in Women And Girls

Autism that is not quickly recognized and diagnosed in women and young girls can eventually take an extreme toll on their overall mental health in the future. This is why it is important to seek help if you believe someone you know is portraying symptoms of Autism.

There has been indications that show the total amount of women and girls today with Autism may have been profoundly underestimated in their lives in the past. Some people actually believe that Autism could be an outcome of one living with a “male-type of brain” as a result of having various hormone differences.

Others believe that many women and girls have gone undiagnosed for the simple fact that they do not fit the normal autism stereotypes and are able to “hide” their autism symptoms much better than men and boys do.

The Autism Spectrum

Today, Autism is thought of to affect an estimated one in one hundred individuals around the world. Of those who are diagnosed with autism, around 70% of those people have either superior or normal intelligence.

This is a general form of Autism that is known as high-functioning autism. Today, there have been some researchers who have simply noticed that several autistic women and girls have been simply missed in life. Some of these women have become lost in life or have simply become overlooked and therefore undiagnosed.

Other times, their Autistic symptoms have been merely misinterpreted as something completely different.

This developmental disorder is a very serious thing that is found to have two distinct types of behaviors to it. The first being some deficits in social and communication skills, and the other showing signs of having very repetitive behaviors. Oftentimes, there have also been some individuals who have been found to have sensory processing problems as well.

In 2005, An intense study at the Stanford University found that many Autistic girls and women seemed to have a quieter presentation than men and boys and not as much repetitive behaviors as boys and men are found to have.

Another reason many Autistic women and girls have been misdiagnosed or have not been correctly diagnosed as Autistic is because some of these girls who have struggled with having undiagnosed Autism have actually shown signs of anxiety, poor self-esteem, or major depression, and modern-day physicians and psychologists may not actually see clearly underneath these things to fully realize the full social dysfunctions developed by Autism.

The Signs and Symptoms of Autism

Autism symptoms in women generally develop in a girl’s early childhood years, sometimes before the age of 2. Some of the signs could be when infants may not show a lot of eye contact to others, while others may show a weird indifference to their parents.

By the age of 2, the child may start to show some signs like failing to respond to their name, aggression, or a hindered development in their language growth. Even though Autism is classified as a spectrum disorder, not all girls who have Autism actually show these types of symptoms.

Many girls and boys who have Autism many times have a hard time connecting with other people in their lives. This can eventually lead to a plethora of other serious symptoms like the following:

#1. A preference for being alone a lot
#2. A resistance to touching things or people
#3. An Inappropriate facial gesture
#4. The inability to start a normal conversation
#5. Speech issues and communication problems
#6. Problems recognizing an easy social cue
#7. Issues with following easy directions
#8. Inappropriate social interactions
#9. The inability to express emotion
#10. The inability to predict someone’s response

The Bottom Line of it All

Autistic children are unique, extremely creative, and really loved. They are gifted individuals who need lots of care and understanding throughout their lives. They are strong, loving, and very meek and should never be stereotyped or wrongly judged for how they live.

Since there is no real medical test which can fully diagnose Autism in an individual right now, it can be a somewhat complicated system that requires many visits to different doctors.

If you are someone who believes that your child or loved one may be experiencing signs and symptoms of autism, do not hesitate to set up an appointment with their physician right away. Their doctor may decide to send them to a child pediatric neurologist or psychologist.

If you ever feel that your doctor or a psychologist is not taking your concerns and issues seriously, quickly get a second opinion or seek help by someone you can truly trust. It never hurts to get a second opinion and you should never feel wrong for doing it. Your child is important and so is their overall well being and health.

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