Have You tried Anchor for Podcast yet?

Have You tried Anchor for Podcast yet?

I have recently fell in love with Anchor!

Today I’m going to tell you what is Anchor, why it is fun, and how to use it as a blogger.

Trust me this is a fun new way of live streaming/broadcasting.


Have You tried Anchor for Podcast yet?

Have You tried Anchor for Podcast yet?

What is Anchor?

Anchor is similar to your own personal radio station or podcast.

It is a very simple way to broadcast short audio clips all over the world.

You can have conversations with others, and they all take place in your own voice!

All your comments are ‘voices’ no typing what you think.

You get to hear their voice and accents that make everyone so different and cool.

When you are not recording it like any other social media, and you can create connections with others.

Listen to funny stories, gain a little inspiration, or you may just learn a little something.


Why is Anchor Fun?

I love to hear other people’s voices.

You really can tell so much about them that way.

Anchor great for me as compared to Facebook Live or Periscope because it doesn’t capture video just your voice and any background sounds.

You don’t need to have your makeup on or hair perfect because your audience will not know!

Just make sure you have a smile on your face because you can ‘hear’ a smile 😉


How to Use Anchor for Podcast as a Blogger?

First, you can use it to give shout outs to your blog post, and then direct them back there for more information.

Work on a great teaser line to get them interested so they will definitely make that click.

You can also use it to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter for ‘members only’ information or resources.

People love ‘exclusive’!

Be sure and make a great landing page for easy email sign ups.

Anchor will also help you stay in touch with trending topics.

By stay in touch with what is going on you will never be out of ideas for that next post.

Ask questions!

Get conversations going, and then use that conversation to find out other viewpoints.

This would be a great way to do a little research for upcoming posts.

Reminder: You are writing for them and not you!

Don’t forget to share you waves on your favorite social media accounts!

You can also embed them on your website and you can find instructions here.

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If you are on Anchor for Podcast let me know your favorite tips in comments below!


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