The Top Strategic Trends For Businesses In 2013

Top Strategic Trends For Businesses in 2013In recent years the world’s technology has advanced beyond recognition and we’re able to do things that the producers of ‘The World of Tomorrow’ could never have even dreamed of.  Our scientists and development engineers are creating innovative new technology and refining it to be available to the business and domestic market faster than ever before.
With global smartphone usage recently hitting 1 billion and many household names disappearing from our high streets, it’s time that every business sat up and took notice of how technology is shaping our businesses and our economy.  Updating processes and moving with the times is not optional anymore; you either keep up to date or you stagnate and fall behind; sink or swim!
So what are the predicted trends for 2013?  How can your business update strategies, evaluate upcoming technology, and make the right move for the future?  Here are just a few of the innovations tipped to be the next big thing in business strategy:

Mobile Apps

With millions of smartphone users worldwide, it’s no wonder that mobile apps and mobile friendly sites are the next big thing in business.
Research suggests that if a business doesn’t have a website, 70% of their competitors will have an advantage over you; in such a saturated market, can you afford to let your competition have a significant initial advantage?
–    There are almost 700,000 Google searches every minute.
–    Mobile search has seen a 400% increase over the past year.
–    85% of consumers use internet search engines to find local businesses.
With such a huge number of consumers utilising the internet to find products and services and a significant growth in mobile searches, mobile apps and mobile friendly sites are an absolute essential in 2013.

Investment in Green Technology

In 2013 the UK government have made clear their plans to combat climate change and the nation’s energy consumption and it seems that businesses are moving in the same direction by investing in green technology to reduce energy consumption.
Of course, a move towards green energy is not only beneficial to consumer perception of your company, but to your bottom line as well.
Technology such as voltage optimisation and renewable energy options such as solar are tipped to be hugely popular in large and small businesses alike.  With immediate reductions in financial outgoings and a guaranteed return on investment, it seems foolish for a business to dismiss the investment.

‘Actionable Analytics’

Forbes magazine has suggested that the development of actionable analytics will transform business strategy permanently.
Technology that allows businesses to perform analytics as well as simulation on every action they take will see businesses gaining a deeper understanding of their existing strategy, evaluate results more effectively, and review their practices accordingly.
An understanding of how a single decision affects consumer behaviour and financial return will transform decision making as well as potentially reducing risk factors.  The chances are that your business already relies, at least to some extent, on analytics but this is an area that is set to change quickly and it’s up to you to keep up with it.
Keeping up to date with the latest strategic trends is vital to ensure that you are the one moving forwards; it’s the businesses that stagnate and fail to continuously develop that we see failing.
That’s not to say that every innovation will be right for your business; you need to understand how an investment or change of direction will impact on your consumers and your finances.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should jump on every bandwagon that comes your way!

This article was written by Jennifer Griffiths on behalf of powerPerfector; leading suppliers of voltage optimisation technology to improve your company’s energy efficiency., pub-8596903668708912, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0